gameboy iphone case is flashback fun to the 80s

gameboy iPhone case

This Retro 3D Gameboy Soft Silicone iPhone game case cover for Apple iPhone is one of the coolest iphone accessories I have seen in a long time. Not only does the cover look cool and fit your iPhone perfectly, but the games function as well! The cover protects the back of your phone.

I’m an 80s kid and just ordered one. This is a great gift for anyone with an iPhone, born in the 1970s or 1980s. Father’s day is coming up so I ordered one for my brother as well.

gameboy iphone case
playable gameboy iPhone case

The case is made very well, has a few color choices and comes with an extra battery. The games are from the classic Gameboy era and even have sound.

Although we have awesome games and apps at our fingertips, I’m always happy to see retro games turn up, as I’m a huge fan. Our generation saw the beginning of arcade games with pacman, donkey kong, jungle hunt, galaga, galaxian, etc. etc. I remember playing pong as a 5-year-old in our house when it was first introduced. My dad connected the console to a 9″ black and white tv. Ah the good old days.

Check this Gameboy case out on Amazon. Would make a great gift for anyone into video games who grew up on the 80s.

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