Don’t pay for antivirus software

Free antivirus for computers

Don’t pay for antivirus software for your computer or waste time searching for where to get free antivirus software for your computer.

Most antivirus programs that are free are nothing but problems and you’ll wind up being charged to keep it running after a year.

If you’re looking for where to buy antivirus software for your computer, you can stop looking around for that as well because I’m going to give you a very large tech tip on antivirus for your computer.

Internet companies are required to provide antivirus software to their customers and these are the big name programs. Antivirus for your computer, which is included in your monthly internet bill, can be downloaded at no extra charge from your account with your internet provider online.

Your internet company includes antivirus software for free in your monthly fee
Your internet provider includes antivirus in your monthly payment

To download antivirus to all your computers for free, simply login to your internet provider account and go to programs, account or settings. To get the correct navigation for the antivirus software download, contact your internet provider, but it’s usually easy to find in your account area in your dashboard online.

By installing antivirus on your computer, you’re not only protecting your files and operating system, but speeding up your computer as well.

You can always purchase any antivirus program for your computer, but since you’re already paying for a big brand antivirus program monthly through your internet service provider (ISP), just download it from your account. If you need assistance, contact your internet provider and they’ll walk you through the install process.

Most people aren’t aware of antivirus programs being available for free through their internet provider, but now you do. By the way, antivirus software you download from your internet provider is always updated with no extra fees.

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