Facebook locks out Thousands of Users January 22, 2021

Facebook has Asian porn

Facebook locks out thousands of users as of 11:30pm eastern time Friday January 22, 2021.

Messages all over twitter alerted Facebook users were being locked out and logged out of their Facebook accounts without warning.

Were you logged out of Facebook and locked out of your Facebook account today? It’s not just you, as thousands of Facebook users were locked out of their accounts today as well.

While many Facebook users were unable to access their accounts, others were granted access once they changed their Facebook passwords.

Once Facebook users got logged back in to Facebook after changing their password, they were greeted by Asian porn in the Facebook videos section.

Asian porn filling the videos section of Facebook. Why is it Asian porn? Interesting.

The bigger question is, with all the censorship by big tech; YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, why do people insist on getting back into said platform?

It’s a known fact Facebook mines (steals and sells) all your data for monetary purposes.

Not only is Facebook not a secured platform, but they are selling all data you feed it.

If you choose to delete your Facebook account and leave Facebook forever, the damage is already done. Facebook has all your photos and thoughts, whether you delete them or not. All your data is stored on Facebook servers forever.

Facebook locks out thousands of users January 22, 2021
Facebook locks out thousands of users January 22, 2021

Either the Facebook purge has begun or Facebook is hell bent on getting anyone speaking the truth about government off the platform for good.

If you don’t know what Facebook is up to or what they have been involved in, it’s time to do some research.

Facebook has been locking users out of their accounts for weeks, but today’s event of locking out thousands of Facebook users was a huge move in deplatforming thousands of Facebook users.

Either Facebook was hacked or they are purging users; either is not good.

Many people look forward to these social media platforms burning to the ground, however, that will never happen if people stay on them.

It’s recommended to stay away from Facebook, especially when Facebook locks out thousands of users at a time and sells all your data for profit. The writing for Facebook is on the wall.

As social media alternatives, let us recommend….

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RoxyTube.com – YouTube alternative