Facebook Alternative 2021

Facebook alternative for 2020 Roxycast

If you’re fedup with Facebook censorship and monitoring, there is a new Facebook alternative, started in 2020.

Roxycast is a new social media platform designed for people looking to get away from Facebook and its censorship.

It’s no secret Facebook has censored, banned and deleted anything that does not follow their agenda.

Trump supporters and anything related to the Truth and Freedom of Speech is quickly removed from Facebook. This is not only unconstitutional, but clearly shows what side Facebook is on, and it’s not the people.

Facebook is bad and getting worse. Facebook is censoring posts by people at an alarming rate, should they expose the truth on top stories of today.

Good luck finding anything on the George Floyd murder hoax or truth behind covid-19.

Anything on the news (lies) is taken as truth, but the real truth is banned by YouTube and Facebook.

Many social media creators have been looking for other social media platforms for awhile.

The crazy censorship by social media giants YouTube and Facebook prompted us to create two new sites for social media creators.

Roxycast.com is a Facebook alternative, started in 2020. Roxycast has all the features you would expect from a social media platform like Facebook, and more!

Roxycast will NEVER sell your data. All user data is stored on private servers. Our users can feel secure, knowing their data is safe.

Facebook makes most of its money by selling your data to companies for marketing purposes and other reasons. Facebook was actually started by the government and not zuckerberg. This is fact.

Facebook censorship is out of control. Roxycast is the Facebook alternative for censorship free social media.

Roxycast features include posts, likes, dislikes, private messaging, points system for creating posts to make money, liking, etc.

Roxycast members can also create blog posts, join in on forums, create groups, sell items in the marketplace and so much more.

If you’re looking for a Facebook alternative, check out Roxycast and spread the word!

Roxycast is free to use with options for pro membership with great benefits.

In the future we will be implementing the feature to get paid for posting, liking and other actions on Roxycast. You will be able to cash in your points for cash.

We also have a YouTube alternative, RoxyTube.com, for video creators, which was also launched in 2020.

Facebook censorship is getting worse, leaving thousands of social media creators to look for an alternative. Roxycast was created with social media creators and their safety in mind.

During these terrible times, I felt it was my duty to create something everyone looking to spread the truth can use.

I created RoxyTube for video creators and Roxycast as a Facebook alternative for social media creators looking to get rid of Facebook. Censorship is out of control and must be stopped!

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