What is a COVIDIOT

a covidiot is someone who believes covid is real

What is the true definition of covidiot? Many would have you believe a covidiot is one who does not take covid-19 seriously.

A covidiot has been described as one who refuses to wear a covid mask, but this would be false.

Nothing can be further from the truth, as the true definition of COVIDIOT is someone who believes we are in the middle of the Black Plague because the television tells us so.

A covidiot, also known as a sheep, is anyone who believes covid is the Black Plague, because the television says so. The tel-lie-vision reports covid19 stats daily.

It has been proven time and again that covid19 is far less dangerous than the standard flu! This covid plannedemic is beyond ridiculous and people who are awake are fedup! WE ARE RISING AND THE TRUTH IS BEING REVEALED!

This video describes what is really going on in the world. STAND UP PATRIOTS!

These covid idiots (sheep) would rather believe what anyone says, rather than do research and use common sense. The television says the sky is falling and the covidiots believe it.

The television says to wear a mask and they do it! The television says the world is ending and they believe it.

Where are the facts? Seriously, think for a second, where are the covid facts? On television? That’s right, only on television!

The Biden crime family, Clintons, Bill Gates, George Soros, and all the evil demonic people in the world are saying covid is real, when infact, it’s total BS!

REAL COVIDIOTS define a COVIDIOT as “someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.”

I learned a long time ago to ignore the maskers, the sheep, the covidiot people willing to fall on the sword for a government that doesn’t give a damn about them!

a covidiot is someone who believes covid19 is real and forces everyone to wear a mask
Dominos pizza is rewarding all mask wearing idiots free pizza. Keep your crap pizza

These sheep / TRUE COVIDIOTS are willing to do anything the television and government says. If the day comes when they’re hauled off to FEMA CAMPS, they’ll go in peace, thinking it’s in their best interests.

True definition of COVIDIOT

A REAL COVIDIOT is someone who believes what the media and television tell them. A covidiot (aka sheep) will do whatever they are told and will obey regardless of how ridiculous the request.

These gullible people (sheep) are so eager to believe in something, whether it is fake or not, regardless of how far-fetched it is.

Sheep (Covidiots) are too brain dead to see that coronavirus is just a small part of their big plan. Covid19 is a front to get as many people brainwashed as much as possible so they will obey. These people are not patriots! These people are brain dead sheep!

If you can smell someone’s perfume through a cloth mask, it’s not helping anything! If the “covid19 virus” numbers are climbing, the stupid cloth mask is doing nothing! Covidiots do not realize this.

Some say covid19 was a scam created by democrats and China to destroy the United States from within via crashing of the economy. China knows they can’t beat us with war so they did something else; a sneak attack, to destroy America from the inside (and the democrats helped.)

It’s no secret the Biden crime family has been working with China for years, taking millions of dollars in bribes.

Covid19 used as a front

Others believe covid19 is a front, acting as a curtain, to hide what is really going on; arrests and executions of famous people in 2020.

I really do hope the arrests and executions of famous people is correct, as the massive pedophile ring in Hollywood and government needs to come to an end!

The pedophile ring in Hollywood and Politics is much larger than anyone can imagine.

The entire Tom Hanks conspiracy is just one of many coverups in the pedophile ring. Isaac Kappy was killed days after he gave the names of famous people involved in the mass pedophile ring in Hollywood. Among these names were Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and many, many more!

Pedophilia in Hollywood and politics has gone on for years!

Another word you may have heard is adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is a drug harvested from the blood of the living, right before death.

Read more on the evils of adrenochrome truth here.

There is a snuff film with Hillary Clinton torturing and raping a young girl for her adrenochrome. It’s part of the cult Hillary Clinton is involved in; she worships the “god” moloch. This is what these demons do.

The TRUTH is being uncovered and it will NEVER be found on the news!

Smart people and patriots question the government and it is right that we do so. Sheep and covidiots will forever believe whatever it is they are told.

Remember when you followed the herd as a child and your parents asked, “would you jump off a building if everyone else did it too?” I never forgot that and never will.


IF the government or governors cared about the people they would rid the world of the demons trying to control everything so the economy can bounce back.

The American people, and all people of the world for that matter, need their jobs back! Governments of the world do not want people to prosper and sheep will never realize this!

Most of you reading this already knew the True definition of COVIDIOT. Those who refuse to listen or research are too far gone. They are not patriots; they are sheep doing whatever they are told!

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