Cyber Symposium Video Shows Election Fraud

watch cyber symposium video

Cyber Symposium video by Mike Lindell was streamed August 10, 2021.

The Cyber Symposium showed evidence of the presidential election fraud, which Mike Lindell has discussed before.

Voter machines were found to be attached to the internet, which is never allowed. IP addresses from hackers were revealed; many coming from China.

In this video, it’s important to notice that biden has a right hanging ear lobe but in other videos, the right ear lobe is attached.

PODCAST version of Cyber Symposium

Why do all photos of biden show hanging ear lobes up until 4 months before the presidential election?

Is this the Deep State’s way of letting us know this biden is an actor wearing a mask? Mask and CG are VERY CONVINCING nowadays.

Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium Video

If there are other videos from Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, they will be posted to RoxyTube, our YouTube alternative.

The Cyber Symposium is a private event, allowing invitees from different industries to interact and work together for a better future.

Despite biden’s title of the “Great Unifier,” he hasn’t exactly done a great job.

Now that tensions are running high, it’s time to get active. During this cyber symposium event, Mike Lindell will be revealing cyber data and packet captures (internet forensics) from the 2020 November Presidential Election. 

The Cyber Symposium video showed evidence of the presidential election fraud, which Mike Lindell has discussed before. ROTTER News

For the attendees, they have one goal; find proof that this cyber data is not valid data from the November Election.

For the people who are able to find the evidence, 5 million dollars is their reward. Seems insane, right? But this is real! 

Despite the mockery, it doesn’t hide this simple truth. Regardless of political affiliation, a corrupt election system is disastrous for all of us. That is why everyone should be fighting to find out the truth.

This 72-hour cyber symposium event has been put together by Mike Lindell to do just that. Our voting system should not be second-guessed, and when it is, Americans need to stand up.

Watch the Cyber Symposium LIVE

There have been attacks on the site to prevent the stream from happening, so if the link stops working, that’s why.

Share your thoughts on Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium video in the comments section below.

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