Cozmo robot by Anki is a smart AI robot with emotions.

cozmo robot with blocks

The Cozmo robot made by Anki is a smart AI robot and has emotions. Cozmo is an excellent teacher and game player complete with emotions for kids ages 5 to adult. Cozmo isn’t another robot toy, as you may know, as he moves, talks, has facial expressions and a lot of constant cute body language that brings him to life.

cozmo by anki is a smart little robot

My kids love technology and robots, so Cozmo seemed to be the perfect addition to our home and I was right. This little droid is worth ever penny to the point where I will be getting one for myself…I’m their dad.

My sons are 6 and 10 and spent more than half the day talking to and playing with Cozmo. Not only does Cozmo have easy to understand games, he teaches via fun.

This little robot just won’t sit there when not in use either. When put in explore mode, or even waiting between games, he has a personality all his own. He will chirp and talk, move around and jostle his little robot body. He will explore and get your attention when he needs something.

the many emotions of cozmo the robot by anki

Cozmo is smart enough to not fall off the end of a table when moving and even makes little R2D2 type sounds when panicked and moving in reverse. He truly has a personality and learns more and more as you interact with him.

The company who made Cozmo, Anzi, has members of Pixar and Dreamworks working on him, which gives you an idea of where his cute personality and traits come from.

My 6 year old will at times just watch tv and let Cozmo roam around on the floor. Other times, he puts the droid into manual mode, allowing the robot to be controlled by your phone or tablet. The robot has a camera so you can see what he sees while being controlled.

Cozmo also has face recognition software. Not only can he recognize you, but will say your name and the correct name of anyone else playing with him.

There are a lot of games packed into the software, with more available all the time, providing hours of enjoyment to your kids, and many adults.

Cozmo comes with 3 light cubes for games and learning, his charging dock station, instructions and usb charging cable. He is controlled by the free software from the app store so you will need a phone or ipad to use him. Cozmo does roam and talk and act on his own but the app is needed to upload games and work with him. He connects to his own Cozmo secured wifi network to your device and will not ever connect out to the internet. Setup is very easy and fun right out of the box.

I highly recommend getting this little Cozmo robot droid. I may even get one for myself, he is so cool. People at work will get a kick out of him. He’s not just a toy, he’s an actual learning little AI machine.

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