Covid is not the Black Plague

covid19 is a hoax for political agenda

Covid19 is not a pandemic. There is a political agenda, which uses covid19 as a front.

Covid19 was released by the Deep State/Cabal to enslave people of the world and introduce the NWO – New World Order and the Great Reset (communism – one world Government, one religion/ satanic and one world currency.)

Most people can’t see Covid19 is fake. They’re too busy listening to the television and doing exactly what it tells them to do.

Many conversations on covid19 being fake have resulted in lost friendships or relationships. I lost a very good friend of many years and to tell you the truth, I’m fine with that.

I’m wired to do my own research and due diligence on everything in life. I will never do what the television tells me to do.

Real Nurse and Real Investigators speak the Truth about Covid Hoax

Covid Hoax Explained

Covid19 is not the Black Plague the news media or politicians will have you believe.

If Covid was a pandemic with people dying outside daily, we’d see garbage trucks collecting bodies. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!

A handful of friends work in major hospitals and have always said, we are NOT seeing what the news media is showing. #emptyhospitals

The hospitals were actually less busy due to restrictions placed by the state (surgeries were postponed for fear of patients getting the fake covid19 virus.)

Check your lysol cans

Coronavirus has been listed on the back of it for years! IF covid19 is so new then why has it been listed on the back of lysol cans as something lysol can kill?

Covid19 is a rebranded version of the common flu, and much less fatal.

Millions of people die from the flu every year and businesses are not shut down, the stock market doesn’t crash, politicians never forced curfews (smart virus because it only attacks after 10pm.)

Many people will not wake up from the covid19 hoax. They are so willing to obey and do whatever they’re told. That said, millions ARE AWAKE to the covid19 hoax and their political agenda.

Due to the covid hoax, people aren’t allowed to gather in groups of 10 or more. Don’t you think this is odd?

If covid was real, maybe no one should gather at all. But I digress, covid19 isn’t the Black Plague and it’s far from a pandemic.

Covid19 is a Hoax and Political Agenda

The Q operation has been said to be started by JFK because the deep state/CIA was actually running the country.

JFK was assassinated for trying to expose them.

It is a known fact JFK would not comply and was in their way.

An operation strategically went underground where they devised “The Plan” to regain control of America. It was further accelerated by “JFK Jr’s death” in 1999.

America is the birthplace and beacon for freedom and liberty. If America falls, the world falls.

Trump is here to finish the job of draining the swamp and spearhead the 2nd American Revolution of “We The People” against ubiquitous tyranny.

What is Q

It is informational warfare – Q is a group of US military generals including General Mike Flynn and Admiral Rogers.

Trump and JFK Jr. were lifelong best friends and secretly working together to execute the plan to take back America for the people.

Interesting, JFK Jr’s gravesite is in the shape of a “Q.”

Trump was eventually recruited by select military generals to run for President against Killary (Hillary Clinton) and save the country from the NWO (New World Order) endgame of globalist/foreign interest infiltration, total economic collapse, and communist takeover of America.

The Q operation is a White House information dissemination operation to:

(1) bypass the CIA controlled liberal fake news media, which uses “emotional mind control” tactics and projection to “vilify heroes” and “glorify villains”
(2) red pill the masses and create a worldwide grassroots movement of critical thinking, self-discerning, autodidactic “Army of Digital Soldiers”
(3) Finally break free from the mental bondage of the matrix of lies – and prime “The Great Awakening”. You might have heard of “Q Anon”.

It’s rumored President Trump runs this military Truth psyop for asymmetric warfare against the deep state propaganda starting in October 2017.

Check out Arrests and Executions of Famous People

Q intel drops are on (this site might be banned like so many of the truth sites.

There are many YouTube channels that decode Q posts like X22 Report, Praying Medic, RedPill78, & The Patriot Hour. Edge of Wonder is the best new Truther channel.

Many of the truth sites have been removed/censored and blocked to stop “we the people” from awakening to the lies and fraud they have fed us for decades. 

YouTube censorship out of control

Large social media platforms such as YouTube / EvilTube and Facebook ban anything that speaks from truth seekers. Why do you think this is? Videos are removed daily and channels are deleted at an alarming rate.

One such channel for great info was Alice Down the Rabbit Hole, now removed from YouTube. Alice down the rabbit hole videos were filled with great info. YouTube deleted her channel without warning.

There are over 200,000 sealed indictments since Trump became President. And 13 000+ CEOs and public officials who have stepped down worldwide. 

Trump is the first President in world history to pass multiple executive orders on eradicating human trafficking, and freezing and seizing their assets:

Trump is the first President in a long time to serve his country for free and donate each and every quarterly salary to the people.

Please watch these links for hope, positivity, and reassurance that Trump and the Patriots are in control – not just of America – but the entire world with a White Hat Alliance to drain the worldwide satanic cult of child sex traffickers, child torturers, child sacrificers, cannibals, and blood (Adrenochrome) drinkers.

US Military General Vallely confirms the Q operation 

There is a plan and we have to trust it. Creepy Joe Biden can only win via cheating but he can NEVER be president – Joe Biden is complicit and have been bribed by CCP –

The white-hats have it ALL – videos, confessions, all the proof they need. But they will not shock those who are not ready to accept this information so it will be revealed little by little.

2020 is the year of 20/20 vision which is why it is called the great awakening. There are millions of patriots all across the world who are standing together with President Trump and the Alliance (white-hats.)

What they have prepared for us when they are done taking out the deep state is more than you can ever imagine.

Read about Freemasons and the Illuminati here. 

6000 patents (Nicola Tesla Technologies and others) may be released giving us free clean energy that does not rely on fossil fuels.

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