Covid Vaccine Update – Mandatory Vaccines

covid vaccine is designed to kill you

Covid vaccine update for mandatory covid vaccines. Millions of people will NEVER get the COVID vaccine for many reasons.

Covid Vaccine updates and fake covid statistics on the news are fueling the fires of the covid pandemic, by scaring people into taking the covid vaccine.

If this sounds like conspiracy theory to you, well, it’s because they have been brainwashing us from the day we were born. People believe what the news tells them just because it’s on the television. The television lies. Where’s the proof on covid? The television saying covid is a pandemic is the only proof.


Millions will refuse the COVID VACCINE with much resistance. There is no reason to take a vaccine when you are not sick, especially when Covid19 is not the Black Plague they say it is.

Why does Bill Gates have a patent on the vaccine? That’s interesting. Why is it patent 060606? Number of the beast anyone? Coincidence? They are required to tell us what they do as they do it. It’s part of their twisted cult rules.

One of the ingredients in the covid vaccine is MRC-5. MRC-5 is fetal tissue from aborted 15 week old fetuses. Look into it. There is much more in this toxic covid vaccine cocktail and some even believe tracking chips are included.

Nurse passes out on Live TV after receiving covid vaccine

Covid19 is a hoax to fear people into taking the covid vaccine, which is the real problem.

Governments of the world want you to take their covid vaccine. This is their agenda they have been pushing. The covid vaccine is the real problem for the people and not the covid19 hoax.

Many will never get the covid vaccine

The Covid vaccine, many believe, will be what kills millions of people. The Covid vaccine is part of the depopulation agenda by Bill Gates, George Soros, and “the elite.”

If people take the covid vaccine and die from it, I’m sure their families will be told the covid vaccine wasn’t administered fast enough and they died from covid19 (fake virus.)

You see, it’s a perfect way to terminate people. Inject people with the covid vaccine (which kills them) and say either the vaccine didn’t work or they got the covid vaccine too late.

The list of proof for the covid hoax and covid vaccine hoax will go on forever. There is so much more to tell than what’s in this post.

TRUTH about this covid hoax “vaccine” in this video

Administering people with a covid vaccine death shot and saying they still died from covid, is demonic. They are lying right to our faces and brainwashed people are accepting it.

Many people need to obey, as it’s in their DNA. They have been brainwashed from the beginning of time. Brainwashing is in the news, movies, cartoons and everywhere.

People are rising up against the Covid “vaccine”

Brainwashing and predictive programming have been used for years. With the fear of Covid wiping out your family and friends, people can’t roll their sleeves up fast enough to take the covid vaccine.

Check out my other articles on Covid19 hoax and do your own research. NEVER listen to the news or politicians. The news is staged and planned for generations! Politicians are puppets and actors.

covid vaccine, believe by many, is designed to depopulate the world and people can't see it. Covid19 is a hoax. Covid vaccine is the real killer.
Taking the covid vaccine is the dumbest thing you will ever do

I have a friend in Greece who says they are not requiring people to get the covid vaccine but if they don’t, they will not be able to enter stores, buy food and will be quarantined (camps.)

Do you see what is going on? When is the last time anyone was forced to get a flu shot? Covid vaccines will be forced on us indirectly and they use fear, food and employment to enforce it. Read the book of REVELATION in the Bible. Mark of the Beast.

You will not be able to buy or sell anything unless you bare the mark.

It’s been said those who don’t comply and cause trouble will be removed and placed in “quarantine camps.” Sounds more like FEMA camps to me (NAZI Germany anyone?)

Australians will not get vaccinated

Covid Lawsuits

Attorneys and real doctors are stepping up to fight the Covid “pandemic” lockdowns, business closures and tyranny by those who staged the Covid Hoax.

Reiner Fuellmich (attorney) explains what is happening with Covid Lawsuits.

Can you lose your job if you don’t get the COVID VACCINE?

According to a report from NPR, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) previously stated in 2009 that employers are legally allowed to enforce flu vaccine requirements for staff—which would mean that COVID vaccines will likely follow that precedent.

“Employment in the United States is generally ‘at will,’ which means that your employer can set working conditions,” Dorit Reiss, a law professor at the University of California, Hastings, who specializes in legal and policy issues related to vaccines, told AARP in September. “Certainly, employers can set health and safety work conditions, with a few limits.”

Employees also retain the right to refuse any required vaccination on religious or medical exemptions, which are protected under strict federal anti-discrimination laws.

Experts point out that since each dispute is individually investigated, the process can become too expensive and drawn out for employers to actually enforce it.

With 42 percent of the public saying they are still unsure they will be confident enough to take an early round of the covid vaccine, according to a Nov. 17 Gallup poll, some expect that such a mandate will cause rebellion.

Millions of people will not get the covid vaccine. Covid19 is part of the governments agenda to depopulate the world and covid vaccine is the main tool for that purpose.
Do as you’re told! OBEY US OR ELSE

“The covid vaccine is going to have lots of pushback, and lots of people are going to claim exemptions,” Y. Tony Yang, executive director of the Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement at George Washington University, said.

Millions believe Covid is a Hoax

Reasons why the Covid hoax is ridiculous:

  • Coronavirus has appeared on lysol cans for years. It’s not new
  • People are not dying in the streets like the Black Plague
  • Hospitals were empty in March, April, May, and so on
  • #emptyhospitals
  • Democrat governors keep states locked down while other states are open
  • Stock Market crashes in January 2020 but heads of companies and politicians sold stocks before the crash. They knew
  • Covid Masks keep people against each other
  • Fake Riots by Antifa funded by George Soros
  • George Floyd death hoax: nobody cares now, and, actually, not many did at the time because they knew it was fake.
  • BLM – Burn, Loot, Murder. All lives matter by the way
  • BLM was started and funded by George Soros to turn people against one another and collect yet more money for democrats
  • People losing jobs
  • Businesses close, and yet, Walmart / Walcult remains open. Search for walmart underground tunnels to start your search on how Walmart is part of this, along with other major retailers including Amazon, Google (at the top of it all), Facebook and more
  • Remember that asteroid heading towards earth? That was dismissed quick, as no one cared so they needed something else and came up with planned riots
  • Democrats have tried to get Trump out of office and failed. Enter the Covid hoax and Covid Vaccine
  • Bill Gates is now a doctor. His crap company Microsoft is riddled with viruses so I guess he is truly an expert
  • Since when is Mark Zuckerberg an authority on anything? Mark Suckberg is another puppet and Facebook wasn’t built by him by the way. The government started Facebook and used Zuckerberg as a puppet. What a perfect way for the government to learn how you feel about everything, get the faces of all your family and friends and more
  • Out of all the presidential options, biden is in the running? Really? Clearly a puppet from day one. Biden crime family
  • Television shows canceled and “entertainers” aren’t heard from, Ellen Degeneres being one of them. Good Riddance. Ellen Degeneres is a Rockefeller and part of the Hollywood pedophile ring
  • Isaac Kappy (actor) blows the whistle on Hollywood pedophile ring and is killed (oh sorry, suicided) 2 days later. Tom Hanks takes photos of the location Isaac Kappy was suicided and posted to his instagram account
  • Tom Hanks broadcasted many mixed messages from his kitchen. It wasn’t his kitchen and he was in front of a green screen
  • Where is Tom Hanks now? Who cares. Tom Hanks is a massive pedophile and deserves what he gets
  • The lying news media says covid numbers are rising at an alarming rate, and yet, no one is dying in the streets
  • The covid vaccine is coming soon and that will save us all, right? WRONG!

My readers know I trust my instincts. I need to research what I’m told, as I just can’t believe what is said, especially when it comes from a politician or the television (lying news media.)

What are your thoughts? Regardless if you feel Covid is a hoax or the Covid vaccine is real or not, you have to admit there is a lot of crazy things going on and covid19 is just a small part of it.

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