Coronavirus Hoax

coronavirus hoax. hospitals are empty, nurses have reported being bored, 5G towers are being built. Agenda 2030

Is the coronavirus (COVID-19) a hoax? I think it is. I’m not the only one. YouTube has been blowing up with videos from people believing coronavirus is a hoax.

YouTube has been deleting coronavirus videos as fast as they are uploaded.

Can everyone at least agree now that the lockdown is NOT ABOUT CORONAVIRUS?

Coronavirus is about taking away more liberties again. Creating an economic recession. Making everyone dependent on the state.

I’m NOT going to believe something just because someone in a suit tells me it’s true. mainstream media arrested guy for filming hospital and saying about fines etc. flipping the story around.


CBS NEWS EXPOSED! Covid-19 testing at white tents outside of hospitals were staged! CLICK THE BLUE CBS ALL ACCESS TO REACH VIDEO on exposing CBS. #exposeCBS The video was uploaded to bitchute since YouTube removes truth videos on covid-19.
coronavirus covid-19 fake. CBS news exposed and caught in a lie. coronavirus fake testing outside of hospital in white tents were not patients they were hospital staff used to film for CBS news. #exposeCBS

A friend of mine denied the flu shot, as I do, and her doctor tried pushing it on her, as if the doctor had a flu shot quota to meet. They went back and forth a couple times. Her doctor actually said, ok, I won’t give you one, but can I mark you down as getting one on your medical file? WTF! She got a new doctor.

TAG #Filmyourhospital on other popular YouTube videos. Spread the word.

Majority of people around the world believe the coronavirus is a hoax to coverup for something much larger, to take our minds off what is going on behind the scenes, or to scare us into getting a coronavirus vaccine, which won’t be a vaccine at all.

How People Are Controlled With This Pandemic Crisis

Many people believe the coronavirus vaccine will be a cocktail of depopulation chemicals…they want to get rid of a lot of people to allow better control of the world once the new world order begins. Other people believe the tracking chip is in this coronavirus “vaccine.”

This world is controlled by a cult and secret societies

Dr Vernon Coleman explains why he thinks the current hysteria over the coronavirus has a hidden agenda from the government. For more information visit

Does this sound far fetched and unbelievable? Of course it does, but the governments have gone to extreme measures to hide things from its people.

Have a look at Germany’s history and Hitler’s rise to power. Everyone loved Hitler in the beginning, and then the terror began. Not only did Hitler exterminate the jews, but many Germans as well. Anyone who got in Hitler’s way was removed. This is what’s happening now in other countries, including the United States.


Do you actually believe everything on the news? If you do, you’re an idiot and if you don’t believe EVERYTHING…then where are you going to draw the line?

Do you know that mad cow disease is alive and well in the United States? It is. Just because it isn’t in the news doesn’t mean it’s gone. Mad cow disease never left. Here’s a video I made about my father-in-law dying from it in recent years. The head of neurology told me they see cases each month in their hospital from it. The government lies!

Think what you will but I HIGHLY SUGGEST you think for yourself, do your research and NEVER believe the news. Just because it’s on television doesn’t mean it’s true.

Do you believe the United States sent a man to the moon? Do you believe the government didn’t silence Kennedy? Well, whatever info you have seen comes from the news, which is controlled by the government.


They are hitting us with 5G NETWORKS and both people and wildlife and your pets are going to start dropping like crazy once they flip the switch to take complete control over all human life. Then we have them wanting to inject everyone with their fake covid vaccines which will put a digital chip into anyone who gets this vaccine. Pure Evil is what we are seeing as per their NWO agenda. Pray Trump & We the People can STOP their Evil Insanity.

I live in NYC, and we’re used to endless ambulance sirens… but the weird thing is that since the lockdown, it’s been very quiet, about half the normal sirens. It should be the opposite, they’re lying to everyone.

My brother works for a hospital in GA he just got laid off said they had laid off over 50% of their staff.

They are categorizing deaths from other causes as COVID-19 deaths as long as the deceased tested positive for the virus whether or not they were symptomatic or died as a direct result of the virus. They’ve done the same thing in Italy to the tune of 88% of their reported deaths. Only 12% had a direct causation link with Covid-19. There’s massive financial aid attached to covid-19 deaths here in the USA. The globalists have manipulated the situation from the start. What better way to introduce a new world order and mandatory vaccines??? Power, profit and population control. This is their goal.

The virus is manmade and the pandemic is a scam. People are not dying at the rate we’re being told they are. This “LOCKDOWN” is intended to be semi-permanent. That’s the goal of all of this, the removal of our freedom of movement and association. Here’s what I see happening next:
1) People start to complain and want to resume their lives.
2) Government tells them only on a case-by-case basis.
3) We expose the fraud and some people get mad and ignore the Stay At Home orders
4) A bunch of paid protestors and fake Doctors LOSE THEIR MINDS about how everybody is going to get sick & die
5) A much more deadly strain of the virus is spread to the people defying the Government’s orders
6) A lot of those people die
7) Lefties scream “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” at the top of their lungs
8) The Government imposes full Martial Law (which will be easy because now everybody is SCARED TO DEATH)
9) That’s it for the West, we’re done…
5g is a weapon, developed and deployed by the military. Millimeter waves will kill you indeed.
Something BIGGER is going on…if this so called coronavirus flu strain was so dangerous, why are people lined up at Walmart, Grocery Stores, Costco, Starbucks, Liquor Stores…Hmmmm oh and banks people handling dirty money…If this was SO HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS we would have been told to buy a few months worth of groceries, stay home, no banks, no liquor and no Walmart, no nothing! 5G is being installed without full disclosure to the people. Why do we need faster internet, talk to google to turn your lights off and on…People are getting stupider by the day and we need faster tech. Actually looking back I think I prob had corona back in Dec 2019 this is before anybody heard of the coronavirus that is just another stain of the flu, was so sick, just stayed home in my bedroom, drank chicken broth, lots of liquids and a hot water bottle. Never has the government been so concerned over a flu that kills thousands every year old people in homes mostly.
Get this one. Man jailed for going to hospital with no valid medical reason! He said on Facebook he was going to see for himself about the busy hospital. He found it no busier then normal. Seems they are making a statement,keep away or jail. That’s crazy. Nice vid buddy. This is in the U.K. His name, is Kierran Stevenson. doctors warning about 5g
Most ppl have lost their ability to use COMMON SENSE or they never had it…. numbers are being hyped…hospitals empty…. how can folks be dense….. its not meant for everyone to be woke… ppl need to turn off the news…. it’s annoying as hell…
You’re not alone…believe me. They want you alone, not trusting anyone and only hearing their bullshit. They prob are testing for normal coronavirus.. theyve already admitted the tests were faulty to start and that was the foundation of these numbers..italy admitted they used co-mortality deaths with coronavirus and not where it was the ONLY where you would normally find coronaviruses..they FOUND them..wooow..except they went to places where they were end stage heart disease or cancer with heart and kidney failure. Some guy on twitter said his 83.5 year old mother fell and was hurt badly and he put a dnr because she was really bad and after she died, they tagged her with covid19 (although I dont know how true that last one is..somehow, I believe it). This is for something else..cashless society, NWO..who knows..but they’re making trillions where they wouldnt have made it before and I highly doubt the statistics of having a rehearsal in oct, hiring by cdc in november for quarentine officials for each state currently under quarantine, releasing a pandemic movie in nov and then having an actual pandemic in dec could ever happen in any set of odds. Maybe I’ve had too many lying boyfriends or something, but the story doesnt add up..especially when you start seeing shit like this.. Add ceos jumping ship in hoards right before the stock market tanked, disney stopped buying from major distributors months before it was serious, someone suing purell to get the coronavirus off the back label, Bill Gates stepping down before even one death saying he’ll be working on his climate change issue (and we know who he thinks the zero should be in his little equation to get carbon down to zero)..well, unless you’re an idiot it should be blatantly obvious. P.s. they’re not reordering food in stores so I’d count on the next stage happening soon. Everyone needs to wake up but they’re too busy buying masks that the WHO says you dont even need because this virus isnt even freakin airborne. The only time they found it in the air was in a controlled lab experiment with high powered nebulizers and aerosols that were three times as powerful as the ones in hospitals..of course that’s what the media went with to fear monger contact. If you can only see a virus with an electro micrograph why do you think the netting on your cheap mask will keep it out anyway??? Argh!!!! And the tests? How are they looking for a virus they dont gave one peer reviewed publication on with explanation and genetic profile? They’re testing you for the article carefully. “Scientists then use sets of DNA fragments that complement fragments found in the coronavirus. If any viral genetic material is present, these fragments will bind to it. Chemical markers attached to the DNA release fluorescence when this DNA binding occurs.” They’re looking for the general makeup of an rna based virus or coronavirus..
“the the real action is happening deep inside the hospital” Yeah down in the dark basement lol It’s a hoax dude. Look at Lombardy Italy. Deaths for this time last year the same as last year. Just people being identified as dying from corona and not cancer or whatever. Covid19 tests pick up any corona virus amount your body may have. Most people most of the time their body is fighting off viruses. You just don’t know it. That’s what your immune system is constantly doing. That’s why healthy people can and do test positive with nothing wrong. Cancer patients often die at the end off something other than cancer in those final days. Normally it is cause of death cancer. All this testing now changes that. Cause of death now corona. 150k people die daily around the world of any cause. News station like using coffins and such being put in trucks for dramatic footage. Fact is any day of the week you can see bodies loaded into truck. It doesn’t need 30k people keeping their mouth shut. Peoples jobs are mostly compartmentalized you only see your little section of what your job is. An individual nurse would have no idea of corona numbers. That wouldn’t feel it necessary to say anything.
Years ago I was researching a guy that claimed they’ve been spraying nano smart dust on us for years. The dust is so small it can penetrate the blood brain barrier and its activated by certain frequencies and UV light. This explains why they are spraying our skys daily and morgellons disease which causes inorganic strands to start sprouting from your body. These strands move around on their own when activated with these frequencies. We all have them in us. They’ve got us in quarantine so they can install their towers and soon many people will die when they’re turned on. This is why the elite media keeps saying “the worst has yet to come”.
We all know this is fake at this point the evidence is right before you. It’s time we push back and take back our life that they took. Start living your life again! God gave you one life and are you going to waste even a minute because of these idiots spreading lies? Go outside, do whatever you want. Push back, take control. WE are in charge not them. Take control of the police. Dont let these pigs control you and take YOUR life. Overthrow them. Their reign will end as soon as you push back and it’s over.
This epidemic is just an excuse for what is greater .. a new world order controlled by a global USA government central to humanity as it is now happening across the United Nations and its affiliated organizations such as the World Health Organization (read Henry Kissinger’s words on the island today) The first step is to spread fear and panic among people (and succeeded)   The second is to impose domestic confinement on humanity (and succeeded) And the third is to pass strict laws that give absolute authority to people on the pretext of protecting them (this happened here in Britain indeed) The fourth is to use the army and police to impose the new system (which is now operational) The fifth is to issue documents proving that the carrier is free of the virus so that it is allowed to move (they talk about it here in Britain or the world) And the sixth is to vaccinate people with a vaccine (God knows its content), and until it is concluded for each of us in the document that allows us freedom of movement, because people will watch anything until it goes out to work and livelihood after it runs out of its savings and is on the verge of starvation Use your minds and think .. What is happening is a diabolical plan they have been planning for a long time, and this is the content of our films that we produced and those that we translated and which we recommended to watch It is not a conspiracy theory as this expression is used to intimidate (as they use the term terrorism and the term anti-Semitism) but rather a real conspiracy. Read our article “The Full Picture” installed at the top of the page. Also, see the documentaries translated by us by British doctor Vernon Coleman, as well as British writer David Ayek, who are also present on this page. Trump Made Corona To gets Destroying the Chinese economy / France Macron Sending Sirin Gas poison to Gets Destroying the Italy economy . ‎‏ – [ ] America is the maker of terrorism from ISIS and Corona. Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi were made in Iraq and the countries of Asia. America creates terrorism and kills thousands of innocent men, women, and children and steals gold, oil, and money from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states. In 2019, Iraq agreed with China (video – [ ] ‏in YouTube, Iraq, and China’s business agreement) to do business, maintain, build, buy, and build infrastructures worth 400 billion dollars with 1 million barrels of oil exported to China daily for 20 years, – [ ] Mean? 20 years = 7300 days … – [ ] 1 million barrel oil cost 70 $ / 2019 / month 9 / day 10 . – [ ] 1000000 Barrel in day x 70 $cost = 70000000 million dollars 💵.. – [ ] 7300x 70000000= 511 000000000 dollars 💵.. – [ ] Trump and the US Congress went crazy (the video of Trump’s speech and his threat to Iraq and China about the Iraq-China deal) and not America on this contract with Iraq. America made the virus of our biological virus to destroy China and take revenge on it, You are aware of what Trump has done in Huawei phones companies and imposing fees on Chinese, recruiting an American student who works in the CIA to carry the virus and have sex with a Chinese girls students and transmit the virus to her and the others and spread it in the Chinese city of Wuhan, knowing that the young man who holds the virus has Anti-virus, as happened in the mission impossible movie, Tom Cruise, part two, enter any American channel that shows you Life. You will not find any American wearing a mask. Life there is natural and they do not fear the disease because they got the anti-water in drinking water. Russia obtained the real documents of the maker of the virus, in Iraq, American planes were landed, marching had been launched from the American embassy and Ein Al-Assad American base in Iraq, and gets shot down by the Iraqi army defenses and thy discovery that these drones carrying a small glass device that sprayed air into the places that There are Iraqis people there and schools kids and and shops markets (YouTube videos shoot down drones carrying sprays in response to the Corna virus in the air) and many of these drones are launched by the American bases in Asian countries Why in Wuhan? The best place (the university has students from Asia and Europe, and all gets infected by corona virus ( sirin gas 100% ) spreading the virus to them and returning to the countries with the virus Corona . after 2 weeks the corona will gets activated in that ‏student’s and infected the Innocent people ( your mom father sis bro son your daughter kids child ) – [ ] The important thing in the world is America still fine and well and rich with out asain Europe .. CORONA AND DAESH IS USA AND USA IS CORONA AND DAESH ! .. Beware of the Americans who are in Asia and stay away from them because some of them carry sprays To spray the virus in the air to Gets A reward 1000$ money From Usa Embassy in your Country) . CORONA VIRUS is a biological virus made by American Trump ,Barrel of oil berfor corona ? Cost 70 $ . – [ ] Now cost 10 $ .. The beneficiary is America – [ ] Will gets more rich . And most of asain and Eurpoe people – [ ] Will lost hs life and job . Asian and Europe countries is awood for USA People Fire
there is not a coronavirus war zone at hospitals, that this pandemic is an exaggeration, no decent scientist will accept to lock down a country where a small minority of its population may be affected by a virus The policy should have been more self mandatory with specify protocols to follow while people continuing having a “”normal” life and confine all those classified with medical conditions and age related etc and protect them The consequences of these policies executed by governments will have a prolong damage in the economy therefore peoples lives, while the Fed Res is becoming the largest stock holder of every large company in USA and most important multinational too, becoming in the CENTRAL BANK OF THE WORLD I can assure you more people will die from it than the virus by itself Peruvian government through their congress have released a new law that allow policemen as military forces to carry on under no penalty in case they harm or even kill any citizen that will be caught breaking marshal law, no punishment for them Denmark’s congress have released a new law that obligate every citizen to pass through a virus test and mandatory vaccination (whenever the vaccine will be available), Israel’s congress have approved the government to follow each citizen’s mobile devices to track their movements etc due the corona virus In the background your government is installing G5 towers around your country, mainly near the schools If we as whole do not react we will leave for future generations a planet with not human beings but zombies, and I am very conservative in my appreciations Cheers!!!
Guys, I got a good idea. You can download police scanner from play store or Apple store, listen in and see if there are actual endless emergency calls or not. Something very very🐟🐟 going on here. Be safe everyone and BE AWARE.
My local covid 19 drive-thru clinic was empty., a stark contrast to media pictures (and reports) just a couple of weeks prior. I observed three nurses standing around in close proximity of each other, giggling with masks around their necks under a tent and zero cars. When they caught me filming them, one yelled at me from across the road to turn my camera off. I yelled back, “why? It’s a public area”. They yelled something else and I yelled back “why don’t you want to be filmed for?” Anyway, I walked back to my car (with my held low but still filming) and drove home. The next day, the police arrived on my front doorstep to investigate a complaint from one of the nurses. The claim was that I was yelling abuse. One of them must have taken down my license plate number. Luckily, my footage proved that no abuse took place. Had I have stopped filming when they told me to, I might have been charged with harassment or worse. Maybe they mistook my yelling back (there was distance between us) for abuse? I don’t honestly know. So yeah, from all my personal observations, I have to say something stinks to high heaven about this. They’re putting on a show by the looks of it.
They are installing 5G while we’re all locked inside. When they turn it on… Then you will see the elderly and people with low immune systems dying due to the lack of oxygen that 5G causes.

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