Covid used by governors to enforce lockdowns

covid-19 hoax created by democrats

Governors of the United States are forcing quarantine and lockdowns (house arrest), for a “virus” that has yet to be proven to be as bad as the Black Plague.

Millions of people believe Coronavirus is a scam to keep people apart from one another, turn us against one another, and distract us from what the government is doing behind closed doors. This is how it’s been for generations!

Governor Pritzker of Illinois and Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago are evil. Do a video search if you want to see how bad these two democratic demons are. In the midst of a “pandemic”, governor pritzker of IL wants to raise taxes by 20%! With people out of jobs and businesses closing, pritzker wants to enforce a 20% tax increase.

These governors allow people to shop at WalMart (Walcult) to support China and #antifa, but will not allow small businesses to open.

United states governors forcing quarantine (house arrest)

Remember that video showing multiple bodies being buried in unmarked graves, on top of one another in deep ditches in New York?

The news media ran wild with the story of mass covid graves, however, the mayor of New York set that story straight. Where they are burying bodies in unmarked graves is NOT from covid victims.

The mayor of New York said they are the homeless, people without families to claim them, from NY hospitals. These people who lost their lives were from hospitals and their deaths had nothing to do with covid. They have been burying unclaimed people like this for years.

This is what NY has always done. Sad but true. A simple search will find the truth. The NY governor set that lie from the media straight.

NO REFRIGERATOR TRUCKS have ever been used to cart off “hundreds of bodies a day.” First, there are NOT hundreds of bodies a day from covid deaths. Second, trucks have NEVER BEEN USED in the history of deaths in hospitals.

Research and DO NOT BELIEVE THE TELEVISION! PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP! Truth seekers are all over social media. People are not believing lies from the media. YouTube is full of the truth, but YouTube has been censoring thousands of truth-seeking videos daily.

Check out our YouTube alternative,

DEMOCRATS are doing what they can to force people of the United States to stay in their homes. They have made curfews for bars that start at 10pm. Viruses can’t tell time but many people see it on television so they believe it.

Democrats are going to extreme lengths to keep people from work, getting together and having a normal life. Covid is not the Black Plague of 1348. THIS IS ORCHESTRATED FEAR to CONTROL the people!

How do you know covid stories are true? The television.

Families are suing hospitals for marking down covid on death certificates. Why would they do this? Hospitals get a kickback from the government for every covid case they mark down. Old people are dying from pneumonia, stroke, old age and are being marked as covid deaths.

Governor Pritzker, mob boss, con man, liar and billionaire, has stated time and again the state of Illinois has NO VENTILATORS. This is a lie. Many real doctors went on camera, showing storage rooms full of ventilators and they were told to not use them.

Politicians do NOT OWN YOU! DO YOU FORGET WHO IS PAYING THEIR SALARY?! YOU ARE! YOU ARE FREE! YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT as long as you don’t harm anyone physically. Politicians are lying to the people of the world.

LOOK UP COMMITTEE 300 to see who runs the show for generations!

A mask will protect you? LET’S SEE….14 DAYS ISOLATION, turns into 65 days, with masks. But wait, there were no masks the first 4 weeks…”damage” is done already. It’s all backwards and makes no sense! At the time of this writing we’re now on month 9. That’s a long 14 days.

Small businesses are forced to close, families lose income and jobs, stock market crashes by 90% (with many executives selling off shares 2 months before this all happened…they knew because it was planned.)

Kind reminds me of Nazi Germany! Kinda looks like someone desperate to keep their power! Power they DO NOT HAVE! NO ONE RUNS YOU! This video was uploaded to my video sharing site,, which is like YouTube, but no bowing down to sponsors or anyone!

But wait, the cult, walmart is still open? Seems the fate of the world is dependent on every walmart visitor washing their hands. They are touching products you wind up buying and bringing into your home, but only masks are addressed. Nothing makes sense.

This is NOT quarantine, this is a lockdown and house arrest! BELIEVE IT!


The Nazi party tricked people into believing concentration camps were for the best. Hitler was good, and for the people, in the beginning…..a trick…..

The people cooperated and boarded trains. Once off the trains, the families were split by category. The old, the young, the sick, the pregnant, the anti-Nazi and the infirm were separated for immediate death by shooting. The rest were prepared for the gas chambers. In a single 14-hour workday, 12,000 to 15,000 people would be killed at any one of these camps.

Auschwitz, also known as Auschwitz-Birkenau, opened in 1940 and was the largest of the Nazi concentration and death camps.

Located in southern Poland, Auschwitz initially served as a detention center for political prisoners. Auschwitz, however, evolved into a network of camps where Jewish people and others perceived as enemies of the Nazi state were exterminated, often in gas chambers, or used as slave labor.
Some prisoners were also subjected to barbaric medical experiments.

So now we have world-wide covid lockdowns and house arrest (“quarantine”) where governors are FORCING you in your homes to comply.

All this is happening because the televisions says there is a “VIRUS” that is far less deadly than the common flu.

It is a KNOWN FACT that covid numbers are changed to show how “bad” covid is “spreading”, and yet, most people don’t know anyone who’s had covid.

Hospitals and the government get financial kickbacks for every “covid” patient that passes away, regardless of the cause of death.

Covid chaos has given us dancing nurse videos, planned riots, soap opera election ridiculousness and much more.

Real doctors are saying covid isn’t anywhere near as large as common flu every year, and yet, EVERYONE PANICS! Stores are closed, no gatherings, no concerts, no bars, you’re under house arrest with the threat of arrest (although most police say they will not enforce governor orders.)

History repeats itself

My grandmother was born and raised in Germany. She saw first hand and told stories of what Nazi Germany was like, having lived through it.

Nazi soldiers forced themselves into homes late at night, looking for anti-Nazi material and people.

Anyone against the Nazi way was destroyed. She said many times, she fears for the American people, since everything is lining up (she said this 10 years ago.) If she were alive today, she would definitely say the same, as it looks like history is repeating itself.

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