Chicago Photography by Steve Rotter

Chicago Photography by Steve Rotter

Hello all. Being I’m a photographer and cinematographer, I feel it’s of course only fitting that I post some of my work. I’m in Chicago a lot. There are so many photos to be had. Thanks for checking out my blog. If you like what I write, consider subscribing for more. Check out my website as well.

rotter photography chicago 26
Chicago photography by Steve Rotter. I love the lines in this shot. Black and white makes it.

The building on the bottom is the Sears tower. It was bought out a few years ago, and is now called the Willis tower. Chicagoans don’t like change. It is still referred to as the SEARS TOWER, OR, “the building previously called the SEARS TOWER.” I call it the SEARS TOWER and always will.

rotter photography chicago 35
The IBM building

Great lines with desaturated color, adding just a touch of blue from the sky in the reflected windows.

rotter photography chicago 4
Chicago reflections
rotter photography chicago 10
Chicago alleyway by Steve Rotter
rotter photography chicago 21
Overlooking Chicago by Steve Rotter
rotter photography chicago 34
Museum of Science and Industry photo by Steve Rotter

Classic stairwell in the Museum of Science and Industry. Have been visiting this museum since I was a kid, along with the Field museum and the Shedd Aquarium. Awesome museums of Chicago.

rotter photography chicago 22
Chicago bridge by Steve Rotter

Thanks again for checking out my work!