Chicago City Employee Can’t Cash Paycheck

Chicago employee paychecks

Chicago employee paychecks can’t be cashed.

Chicago City Employee Can’t Cash Paycheck – she was told there are no funds in city’s bank account?

A city employee who tried to cash her City of Chicago paycheck at the very bank where Chicago does it’s business was told that there were NO FUNDS IN THE CITY PAYROLL ACCOUNT! 

The city of Chicago apparently has no money in its employee Payroll account. An employee of the city of Chicago has uploaded a video showing the bank upon which a Chicago city paycheck is drawn, refusing to cash a Chicago Paycheck because the city “Does not have money in this account.”

What’s even more amazing is that the bank teller informs the Chicago city employee that they might be able to deposit her paycheck at some other bank, and maybe funds will be in the Chicago Payroll account by the time the check arrives!

The bank teller cannot cash the Chicago employee’s paycheck at that bank branch because that Branch is where the city of Chicago’s account is located and they can see there is no money in the account for the city of Chicago.

Looks Like its Happening – Devolution – The City of Chicago “HAS NO MONEY”

The city of Chicago can’t cash Chicago employee paychecks?

Is Chicago officially broke? Probably not. Is the city of Chicago stopping city workers from getting paid as punishment? Probably.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a demon and wants nothing to do with the people. Thousands of Chicagoans ask why is Lori Lightfoot still the mayor of Chicago? Lori Lightfoot is beyond corrupt, as were the mayors before her / it.

Do some research on Lori Lightfoot and IL governor Pritzker. Pritzker has done everything in his power to lie and cheat the people, bribing them to take the jab with money, free donuts, free shooting at a gun range, etc.

Chicago employee paychecks
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Holiday Photo – sorry not sorry

Is the city of Chicago punishing city employees under the GUISE of COVID-19 vaccines and mandates, when in fact, the whole thing was a cover for the city being financially broke? Or is Chicago broke?

Chicago is one of the most corrupt cities in the United States. Taxes are double what most cities pay, and yet, Chicago always claims to be broke.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Don’t let these demons trick you, as they tried to do with their “vaccines”, brought on by the fear porn, which is “covid” and mask mandates and lockdowns.

Government control

  • Covid (aka Black Plague) is on the loose killing everyone
  • Lying news media spreads fear and fake stats on covid deaths
  • Operation “warp speed” by Trump – only 5 months to create a vaccine to save us all (usually takes 10 years)
  • Mass job loss
  • mask mandates
  • Lockdowns
  • Vaccine mandates
  • biden wants our guns (why do you think this is?)
  • Mandatory masks
  • Mom and pop shops close
  • Empty stores and record FOR LEASE signs
  • city of Chicago can’t pay its employees
  • Get the jab – media reports they are safe, yet thousands are dying
  • People entering hospitals are MURDERED
  • The list goes on and on…

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When the government no longer protects nor serves the rights and freedoms of the people, it is the duty of the people to protect themselves while standing under the law.

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty” – Thomas Jefferson

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