Chauvin Found Guilty of George Floyd Fake Death

Chauvin found guilty in George Floyd murder hoax

Derek Chauvin, the actor playing the cop who “killed” George Floyd was found guilty today, April 20, 2021.

Jurors began sequestering on Monday to decide whether to acquit or convict Chauvin of three counts in the death of George Floyd last year. They adjourned at 8 p.m. and began deliberations again at 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder, second-degree manslaughter, and third-degree murder.

Prosecutors argued his actions, including kneeling on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes, killing Floyd. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, asserted that Chauvin followed his training in dealing with a person who resisted being placed in a patrol car and that the drugs in Floyd led to his death, as well as his history of heart disease.

George Floyd was a major drug user, porn star for low budget films, and a crisis actor…research it. He was also a 33rd level mason, who is still alive.

The May 25, 2020, George Floyd death sparked protests and riots across the country, and even the world for some reason. Why would the “death” of an unknown drug user spark riots across the world? It was planned that way.

Activists said the fact that Floyd was black and Chauvin is white highlighted a discriminatory justice system.

Of course activists pull the race card. It’s always the race card.

The Infamous George Floyd Death Video – For mature audiences

May 2020: Dramatic video has emerged in which a man is pinned on the ground by a Minneapolis police officer and repeatedly says he can’t breathe before he stops speaking and moving altogether. Police say he later died at the hospital.

The man has been identified as George Floyd. The officer seen in the video with his knee on Floyd has been identified as Officer Derek Chauvin. His partner, also seen in the video is Officer Tou Thao. Two other unidentified officers were also involved in the incident. Minneapolis officials say all four officers have been fired.

The George Floyd Death Video that sparked planned riots by the Government

QUESTIONS on this George Floyd Video

  • Why did this video last so long?
  • Why didn’t Chauvin’s partner cuff Floyd when he was down after 10 seconds?
  • Why did the cops carry on a conversation with bystanders filming a crime scene?
  • Why were bystanders allowed to film a crime scene?

The showboat pressing of knee to neck of prisoner for about 9 full minutes – something I sure never heard of.

A crowd watches and films the scene, ignoring complaints that the prisoner can’t breathe, plus the unnatural silence on the police radio, lack of communication with the criminal or the other officers.

Normal procedure, and even common sense, would dictate immediately placing the prisoner in the police car. Why was he held on the ground like that for the benefit of the cameras? It’s all part of the plan.

Every police scene I’ve come across is guarded, taped off, and definitely NO ONE is allowed to film.

In this George Floyd video, the police carry on conversations with bystanders and allow filming. They WANTED it to be filmed; it was planned that way.

Why have the bystanders filming this George Floyd video not spoken up? I have not found any video from them telling their tale.

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Podcast version of Chauvin Found Guilty of George Floyd Fake Death

In this George Floyd death video, filmed at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and East 38th Street in Minneapolis, an African-American man, now identified as George Floyd, can be heard saying he can’t breathe as a white officer pins him down by the neck for several minutes.

“Please, I can’t breathe. I can’t move,” Floyd says. “My stomach hurts, my neck hurts. Everything hurts.”

The man can be heard calling out for his mother.

Bystanders are heard pleading with the officer on the scene to let the man breathe.

“Why you got to hold him down? He’s not even resisting arrest.

“He’s not doing nothing, he was just getting in the car.”

“His nose is bleeding,” a female voice says.

“Get him in the car,” the male bystander’s voice continues.

A male police officer then replies, “We tried that for 10 minutes.”

The witnesses can then be heard saying, “You’re going to just sit there with your knee on his neck? He’s not moving. Did you kill him?” before the camera centers in on an image of the man’s motionless body, his head resting on the ground and his eyes closed.

Truth on the George Floyd Death HoaxCRISIS ACTORS

The George Floyd Death Hoax involved crisis actors. Crisis actors are used by the news media under Government direction to create stories that push their Agendas.

The same crisis actors are used for multiple news stories all the time, which makes it obvious it’s a scam (they do this on purpose.)

Look up crisis actors and be amazed (use Duck Duck Go search engine.)

Floyd’s death was a HOAX by government and The Deep State.

Freemasons planned the George Floyd riots around the world with financial assistance from George Soros.

It is strongly believed the government planned the George Floyd death hoax to light the fire for planned protests to enforce marshal law.

Remember when there were bricks on every corner of every major city around the world, the morning after this George Floyd video broke?

Why were bricks stacked on pallets on every corner around the world, most being in cities with no construction happening?

Social media users have been uploading photos of bricks located near protest sites, claiming that the construction materials have been planted to entrap protestors.
Social media users have been uploading photos of bricks located near protest sites, claiming that the construction materials have been planted to entrap protestors.

ANTIFA and BLM (George Soros) were paid to entice people to loot and riot, using the bricks put in place.

Everything you see on tel-lie-vision is a fake. It has been like this since before the 1800s.

Remember War of the Worlds radio broadcast? That was a test to see how people would react to a crisis spread across radio waves; it worked.  

An unknown criminal “dies” and millions around the world riot? No no no. People are waking up. Isn’t it something that 3 weeks after this George Floyd Hoax, it’s no longer in the news….but now it surfaces again! The George Floyd Hoax ran its course, but they brought it back.

The Deep State are always working to create chaos amongst people. They do this to sidetrack us.

This George Floyd Hoax video says it all. I can’t breathe … get on the trendy wagon! Next they’ll be selling t-shirts. 

What are your thoughts on Chauvin found guilty of George Floyd Fake Death? Let us know in the comments below.

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