BOYCOTT Disney – Disney IS EVIL

boycott disney. disney is far leftist and part of the deep state. disney brainwashes kids and families and is filled with pedophiles.

There are many reasons to boycott Disney. Those of you familiar with Disney’s power and evil are already aware of their pedophilia passion, which is hidden in plain site throughout their movies.

For years Disney has been disguised as a fun family attraction where the world is a wonderful place – talk about wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Truth about Disney hiding pedophilia in plain site. READ HERE when you’re done with this post.

As the battle between The Walt Disney Co. and Florida rages on, the co-founders of Moms for Liberty are calling for a boycott, saying “Disney has severely underestimated Florida parents.”

On March 28, 2022, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law. House Bill 1557, inaccurately branded by liberal opponents as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, prohibits Florida educators from teaching anything about sexual orientation or gender identity to children in Kindergarten through third grade. The law goes further, enabling parents to sue if they believe schools or instructors have violated the law.


A week prior, after facing pressure from LGBTQ communities and staff for his silence, Disney CEO Bob Chapek issued a statement apologizing for not being a “stronger ally” to them, calling the bill “yet another challenge to basic human rights.” Chapek then announced Disney would immediately halt all political donations in Florida.


I must add here that the entire LGBTQ thing has gotten out of control. What you choose to believe should stay with you and only you. Why are these people forcing their agenda on others and crying victim? I personally believe it’s the government using LGBTQ, like they do racism and fake gun news stories to ban guns, to enforce their agenda to turn people against one another.


Many agree the government uses hate stories in the news to turn people against one another, so as to keep the people from turning against government. This is true.

Read about how government tricked everyone with 911 – THERE WERE NO PLANES!

In a March 28 statement, Disney’s corporate office said its new goal was “for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts,” and vowed to support organizations working to make such a thing happen.

boycott disney. disney is far leftist and part of the deep state. disney brainwashes kids and families and is filled with pedophiles.

Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice told Fox News Digital in a March 30 interview she found that to be “striking language” coming from a company with a target audience of children

“Parents are not going to put up with this nonsense. We are watching woke corporations chip away at our parental rights. So we’re not just going to stand out on the street with our ‘Boycott Disney’ signs. We’re going to do what we need to do as parents across the country and make sure we spend our money with companies that align with our values, and sexualizing children is not a value we hold. We do not believe that is an appropriate thing for any adult to be doing.”

Tina Descovich, the group’s other co-founder, said Moms for Liberty’s Florida chapters worked hard for months in support of the Parental Rights in Education bill.

“We are in a war and our moms are going to do what they’re going to do when it comes to organizations and businesses that support the grooming of children. We brought 200 moms to Tallahassee to rally in support of this bill so parents can reclaim their rights in public education in the state of Florida. The bill has now been signed and we think it’s unacceptable that an organization like Disney wants to get involved with destroying the work we’ve been doing.”

But Descovich insists their war isn’t against Disney.

disney and trans rights. boycott disney. disney is far leftist and part of the deep state. disney brainwashes kids and families and is filled with pedophiles.
Disney says they will support Trans Rights

Why would a transvestite protest Disney? Can’t they just go on vacation like everyone else and enjoy themselves? What’s with these protests? Can you see what’s going on? Government uses these pathetic attempts to create another problem to brainwash everyone into thinking there is a problem.

“Our war is for the security and safety of our children,” she said, “so our strategy is the same as it was when we launched our organization in January of last year and that’s to empower moms and dads and families to stand up for parental rights at all levels of government.”

According to Justice, not only is Moms for Liberty organizing to boycott Disney to fight back against leftist ideology, they plan to secure every school board position they can in the Sunshine State to keep the ideology out of Florida’s schools. Considering their pool of more than 80,000 members in 181 chapters in 34 states across the country, these moms could prove to be a formidable financial and political foe for “the happiest place on earth.”

“We just added Hawaii,” Justice said, “and we’re not leaving any of the states behind. We’re coming for California. We hear from parents in California all the time who are tired of the woke politics. We are ‘The United States of America’ and American parents are paying attention. We invited Disney into our homes and these corporations are turning their backs on us and our children. We believe the innocence of children is sacred and adults must work to protect that.”

As DeSantis wrapped up a March 30 press conference in Ponte Vedra Beach, he hinted that state lawmakers might repeal the 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement Act, which provides Disney with what DeSantis called many “special privileges.”

“We have some amazing elected leaders in Florida, and they are standing up for parents and for kids,” Justice said. “I am incredibly thankful. America needs strong, elected leaders. We don’t need followers who beg at the feet of woke corporations (Disney.) If you’re an elected official and you’re accepting money from Disney, you are selling out parents.”

To honor Florida’s governor for his dedication in standing up for families and children, Descovich said Moms for Liberty created a hashtag referring to DeSantis as #TheParentsGovernor long before the Disney battle began.

“I think Disney has severely underestimated Florida parents because they live in a California bubble, not in reality,” Justice insisted. “But it’s not surprising to me that a company that plays make-believe for a living would be out of touch with the average American parent.”

It’s a sentiment shared wholeheartedly by Florida Republican state Rep. Spencer Roach.

disney is evil. boycott disney. MILLIONS of Americans AND mothers all need to wake up to the insanity sweeping our country and the world.
Disney lost its collective hive mind long ago.
Now run by perverts, child groomers, “woke” deviants, and New World Order psychotics.
I would not take my DOG to Disneyland.
upper left – chalkboard says ILLUMINATI, upper right – sign says ASK ABOUT ILLUMINATI, lower left – triple 6, lower right – all-seeing-eye on skateboard.

“Here in Florida, the two issues that have really galvanized voters and will continue to resonate all the way to 2024 are the woke corporations and woke school boards,” Roach told The Epoch Times. “I think when we’re looking at both of these issues, the fundamental issue is the same.”

According to Roach, the question that keeps arising is one of instilling values.

“Who is responsible with inculcating values systems in children? Should it be government, acting through these woke school boards and corporations, or should it be parents?” he asked rhetorically. “What we’re coming down with every time is ‘parents.’ Parents want to ensure that they are the ones having these conversations with their children and teaching their children the values they hold dear. Not the government and not these corporations (boycott Disney.)

“We can’t overstate that that is such a fundamental, critical issue that school boards are missing. Terry McAuliffe missed it in Virginia and now Bob Chapek of Disney. That’s the theme they keep missing. These government actors, school boards, and corporate CEOs have awakened a sleeping giant of an interest group here in the United States called ‘parents.’ What’s more about Florida is Bob Chapek doesn’t understand a majority of Republicans and Democrats in Florida support the ‘Parents Rights in Education’ law.”

Descovich included Roach in a list of Florida leaders who have stood in defense of parental rights in Florida.

“We have some great leaders in the state of Florida who really recognize the role of parents and families and really respect that role and are willing to stand up and fight for it,” Descovich said, citing Roach, Harding—who sponsored House Bill 1557—and Rep. Erin Grall, who sponsored the Parents’ Bill of Rights. “We have some real champions in Florida for parental rights and we are thankful that they are in the great state of Florida,” Descovich said.

In June, 2021, Florida was the No. 1 relocation destination for Americans in 2020. New York and California, both heavily Democratic, took first and second place in the contest for which states had the most people choosing to leave. In 2021, Florida took second place as the most popular relocation state behind Texas.

In September 2021, satirical news site The Babylon Bee named California Gov. Gavin Newsom the “U-Haul Salesperson of the Year.” On March 12, Newsom told Disney through social media that “the door is open to bring those jobs back to California—the state that actually represents the values of your workers.” DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw noted with a laughing emoji how Newsom “had kept Disneyland closed for 13 months straight.”

Florida had reached a historic milestone. Republicans overtook Democrats in registered voters by a margin of 100,000. According to Justice, “we’re just getting started.”

In the meantime, asked what advice she would offer to parents who want to let Disney know how they feel, Justice suggested they “find another place to vacation this summer.”

There is so much more to Disney than we can write about in this post. Do a simple search on Disney pedophiles or Disney pedophile movies and start reading…it’s all right in front of you, hidden in plain site, in all their films and deep state symbolism.

MILLIONS of Americans need to wake up to the insanity sweeping our country and the world.

Much like government, Disney lost its collective hive mind long ago. Disney and government is run by perverts, child groomers, “woke” deviants and New World Order psychotics. Don’t believe it? You have a lot of reading to do…it’s all right in front of you.

Who caused the plannedemic fake virus hoax to control and lock people down? Government.

Who forces you into doing things you don’t want via indirect attacks and pressuring? Government.

Who paid off hospitals to MURDER innocent people, covering it up as “covid deaths?” Government.

Who heads up child trafficking all over the world for years? Government.

Share your thoughts on boycott Disney in the comments section below. 

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