Bill Gates and coronavirus


WHO (world health organization) works for bill Gates as Bill Gates’s donated over $2.5 BILLION to them.

The WHO pretty much do anything he tells them to! This is all preparing people emotionally for his mass vaccination agenda. Don’t fall for it people.

Bill Gates wrote the first ever Microsoft virus then got rich selling anti-virus software.

This is the same guy who talks about population control and reducing our population growth rate yet supposedly he wants to save lives by vaccination? Bill Gates is a doctor now?

India cut funding ties with Gates Foundation on immunization because his vaccines were causing infertility in women then tried to steal the shares of his partner in Microsoft as his partner was dying from cancer. Pure evil.

Bill Gates has used the Melinda and Gates foundation as a charitable loophole to avoid paying taxes on his Microsoft shares.

He’s been friends with Warren Buffet for 30 years. Buffet purchased half a billion dollar worth of shares in Kroger (Ralph’s groceries) in early February. While the economy is taking a hit due to covid-19, grocery store stocks are going up up up.

He is an advocate of GMOs (buying a large number of shares in Monsanto) even though genetically modified foods have been linked GMOs to cancer. This guy is dirty and this is preparing the world population for his mass vaccination. Beware!

Coronavirus is real but used as a HOAX. the HOUSE ARREST while they plan their agenda. the virus was created in 2015 in north carolina and manufactured in wuhan, 4 blocks from the wuhan market. then it was released. they made it based off SARS, to withstand vaccine. so, a vaccine you will get, will more than likely be the killer. trickery at its best. F the elite!

Take a moment to read this. These questions need to be answered. Here they are:
1. How come Event 201, wherein globalists met to simulate a corona virus pandemic in NYC just six weeks prior to the actual pandemic, had the likes of Bill Gates and media representatives discussing how to control a world narrative by circumventing the sovereignty of our States using covert and stealth means? Is this what you’d expect them to be doing when simulating a worldwide pandemic?
2. How come WHO and China both stated up until Feb. 3 that the corona virus was not transmitted human-to-human and was not a problem, and then berated Trump for his travel bans with accusations that he overreacted?
3. How come the mayor of NYC, even after Trump’s travel ban, encouraged his constituents to celebrate Chinese New Years in the city streets in late Feb?
4. How come Pelosi went on live TV and told her constituents to come to Chinatown in late Feb?
5. Why did both Dr. Fauci and the WHO Director both applaud China for how they handled the virus?
6. Why is the CDC allowed to own vaccine patents? Isn’t that a conflict of interests?
7. Why was funding for a corona virus dropped, according to Dr. Peter Hotez and other vaccine scientists, who argue that SARS, and the Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, of 2012, should have triggered major federal and global investments to develop vaccines in anticipation of future epidemics. Instead, the SARS vaccine that Hotez’s team created in collaboration with scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is sitting in a freezer, no closer to commercial production than it was four years ago.
8. How come both Obama and Cuomo did not refill their medical supply coffers after the H1N1 epidemic?
9. Why have the hospitals been instructed to put Covid-19 as the cause of death even they are not sure or assume it with no proof? This skews all numbers extremely high.
10. Why did Cuomo say that the stockpile of ventilators found in a NJ warehouse were not yet needed and that’s why they are stored there while also stating that his state needs more ventilators?
11. Why was the USA shut down with only 48 deaths at the time? There was no shutdown with larger numbers of H1N1?
12. Who owns the corona virus patents and do they have any bearing on vaccines being researched now? Who’s funding all the research?
13. Why was the announcement of the successful testing of hydroxychloroquine made out to be unworthy of value at first? And why did Cuomo and Sisolak (NY and NV) ban it’s use in their States at first when we have the “Right To Try” policy in medicine?
14. Did Gov Sisolak actually hoard huge amounts of hydroxychloroquine for his inmates as has been rumored by a leak from a company who received his order? Or is this false?
15. Is it curious to anyone else that, in 2017 when Pirbright Institute in England was applying for its corona vaccine patents, that a married couple who ran the largest manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine were brutally murdered? Is it even furthermore of interest that they had donated medicines to the Clinton Foundation for Haiti and were speaking to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to donate billions to one of their other offshoot foundations? (Barry and Honey Sherman died Dec. 2017 from hanging by their pool)
16. Who funds Pirbright Institute? Are they connected to globalists?
17. Who is the largest independent funder for WHO? And what is his role?
18. Why is Bill Gates and his ID2020 pushing for mandatory vaccines and ID chips for all?
19. Why are some US politicians pushing for illegal immigrants to receive Covid-19 relief funding when our legal citizens still have not received any stimulus funding and some cannot even get onto the unemployment web site?
20. Why is there no proof of any bats being sold in the Wuhan market wherein the virus supposedly originated?
21. What ever happened to the Harvard Professor and the Chinese lieutenant who were arrested in January for lying about their involvement in assisting with virus research in the Wuhan lab?
22. Why in the world were the Democrats spending so much focus and money on the impeachment trial with the pandemic starting, and why are they starting another attack on our President during the most crucial time of the pandemic?
23. Has anyone verified the classified ads in a China paper wherein the Wuhan lab was advertising to hire persons to research transmissions of corona virus from bats to humans?
24. Why are there no current safety tests for vaccines and no financial liability for the vaccine manufacturers if harm done? Why is there a taxpayer-funded account to pay out vaccine damages?
25. Why is it okay for “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion but not for the push on forced vaccines?
26. One last thing to vet: Article written on Wednesday, 06 December 2017 Bill Gates, Other Elites Inducted Into Communist Chinese Academy I have a thousand other questions, and I feel they are all worth valid discussion with logic, facts and respect.

Bill Gates noted that after the 2014 Ebola outbreak, the state of preparation was not up to par. He suggested ways the world could improve its defense strategy.

“The failure to prepare could allow the next epidemic to be dramatically more devastating than Ebola,” he said.

In comparing future threats, he noted that Ebola did not spread through the air and that people were bedridden by the time they were contagious. He suggested a future threat could be an airborne virus that spreads easily, “a virus where people feel well enough while they’re infectious that they get on a plane or they go to a market.”

Gates noted the world is far better prepared now than it was for the 1918 flu pandemic because of technology alone. But he added the world should prepare for an outbreak akin to how it would prepare for war.

He pointed out a need for advancements in the number of medical facilities and testing procedures, more research and development, and better infrastructure in the area of underdeveloped regions of the world, where such a pathogen would likely break out.

If you want to debate or expound on any of the above, that’s wonderful. But, please do so without being rude and by use of vetted source references. Rudeness and unsupported opinions will be deleted. Thank you.