What is the best video camera for vlogging?

What is the best video camera for vlogging? This is a question asked by many new to vlogging. People wanting to start either a vlog or YouTube channel think they need to have the best and most expensive camera to get more views on their content.

A vlog is a video filmed to show a “day in the life” or a video diary, if you will. A vlog gives your viewers updates on your life, hobbies, or tasks you’re involved in.

Having the best video camera for vlogging will not get you more YouTube views or vlog followers, just like having the most expensive guitar will never make you a great guitar player.

Don’t get me wrong, you do need to have great video gear, along with audio, for your vlogging videos. You can’t have dark shaky video footage or garbage audio and expect people to stay for your YouTube videos or vlogs.

Check out my post for the most popular video cameras for vlogging or YouTube video creation if you are in the market for a great vlogging camera.

In this post I wanted to talk about what camera you can use for vlogging or YouTube video creation…and you already have it: your iPhone.

I’m a pro photographer and videographer and have had all kinds of video cameras and photography cameras over the last 25 years. I would buy and sell camera gear, upgrading to the next latest and greatest camera tech each year.

What Cameras I have used

I wanted the best, most recent camera for my photography business. My client work depended on it and I couldn’t risk camera failures during important shoots. For this reason I also needed to buy cameras in duplicate, for backup purposes.

Buying and selling cameras each year became the norm for me until 2008. The last camera body I bought was the Canon 5D mark ii, which was my favorite camera for the years I had it.

I stopped with the Canon 5D mark ii camera body not only because it was my favorite, but because I was losing money on selling cameras each year.

canon camera bodies
I was buying a new Canon camera every year

As of 2018, I sold all my Canon camera bodies and video cameras and downgraded to a point and shoot Panasonic GX85 and Panasonic GH5 micro four thirds camera.

Actually, I wouldn’t call selling all my DSLR cameras for Panasonic micro four thirds cameras a downgrade. Panasonic micro four thirds cameras capture incredible photos and video and highly recommend them.

What Cameras I use now

I LOVE Panasonic micro four thirds cameras and use them for when I want more control over camera settings. Panasonic micro four thirds cameras deliver incredibly clean photos and videos and operate as easily as point and shoot cameras or as complex as a DSLR.

The Panasonic GH5 is used by professionals for both photography and video production.

What I use to film most of my vlogs and YouTube videos

For most of my YouTube videos and vlogs, I shoot with my iPhone 11 at the time of this writing…and LOVE IT!

Here’s a vlog I did using only my iPhone 11. It sounded really good considering it’s using only the built – in microphone on the iPhone.

Microphones on iPhones before the iPhone 11 didn’t sound as good as what’s in the video below. I like this for the “man on the street vlog” but if I was doing a tutorial vlog video I would want the lapel microphone connect to the iPhone.

Lenses on iPhones are excellent and are more than capable of filming and photographing pro quality. A lot of television commercials and even quick filler clips (b roll) in major motion picture films were filmed using iPhones believe it or not.

If using an iPhone for filming I recommend buying an iPhone with at least 256GB memory since videos take up a lot of space.

What I use for great audio on iphone YouTube videos

Audio is just as important as good video. If your audio sucks, people will click off your video almost instantly. You must get the best audio possible for your videos.

Bad Audio consists of:

  • Recording audio in a windy environment
  • Recording audio too quietly
  • Recording audio with levels too high (audio is distorted and noisy)
  • Recording audio at a far distance from your iPhone (too far away)

When you record audio in any of these environments, your sound quality will suffer. You need to be as close to the microphone as possible. For iPhone videos what I found works the absolute best is a lapel microphone.

Here’s a video I made showcasing the lapel microphone I use when filming with my iPhone or iPad.

I use this lapel microphone from Power DeWise for all my iPhone vlogging and YouTube videos. I also use and love the DEITY D3 mic

lapel micA lapel microphone clips easily on your clothes or anywhere near you for great audio recording quality. The microphone plugs direct to your lightning port via a female audio adapter.

What I use to edit my YouTube videos and vlogs

For video editing of my YouTube videos and vlogs that is not only fast and fun, but has many features, I use lumafusion (available on the app store.)

You can edit directly on your iPhone with lumafusion but I use my iPad pro since the screen is much larger and easier to navigate on, obviously.

You need to get your videos from your iPhone to your iPad (if editing on an iPad) before using lumafusion to edit videos (or any video editing software for that matter.)

video editing with lumafusion
Editing video with lumafusion app on iPad

I get videos from my iPhone to my iPad by syncing via icloud between all my devices. This is the easiest and best way for me since it requires no work and happens all in the background.

If I photograph images or shoot video with my iPhone, all files will backup to my Apple icloud account automatically and transfer to all my Apple devices (if they are on wifi.)

So if I’m out and about filming in the city, the files will be sent to icloud and transferred down to my iPad and ready for editing before I get home. Awesome easy workflow for vlogging or YouTube video creation.

If you don’t have enough icloud storage to handle the video file sizes you can purchase more through your phone in icloud settings for a very low rate each month. I have the 1TB plan which is more than enough for me.

Once my videos are edited, I export them to my camera roll on my iPad, which is then sent to icloud and even copied to my iPhone. Remember that anything on one device is copied to the other via Apple’s icloud.

What I do with all those video files

After editing, I delete all video files originally filmed for the production. I know a lot of people like to keep all videos they ever filmed but I don’t. I never keep videos since I have my master video edited and I don’t plan on ever returning for a re-edit. Not to mention, all those videos take up a lot of space on your devices and in icloud. I want as little clutter as possible.

This is my video workflow when filming for YouTube or vlogs when using an iPhone. It’s fast, easy to carry with you and fun. There is literally nothing that needs to be taken with you except for the lapel microphone (I keep one on me at all times.)

What type of video camera is good for vlogging? Remember, you don’t need the most expensive camera equipment when filming vlogs or YouTube videos.

Some of the most popular YouTube creators started out using their phones (and the phones years ago weren’t as good as they are now.)

So get started vlogging with your iPhone, see how you like it, then buy equipment if needed. I have 3 YouTube channels and still use my iPhone for most videos I create.

Gear discussed in this post:

Panasonic GH5 camera

DEITY D3 mic

Panasonic GX85 camera

lapel microphones

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