Arrests and Executions of Famous people starting? 2021

Arrests and Executions of Famous people starting 2021

Are the Arrests and Executions of Famous people starting now in January 2021?

Here are just a few of the deaths, which happened 2 days apart, this January of 2021 of some of the evil people in the world.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild Dead

Billionaire Dies of Heart Attack. Did Baron Benjamin de Rothschild die of a heart attack or was it a plea deal made before his arrest? We’ll find out.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild dead
Baron Benjamin de Rothschild Dead

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, a prominent global philanthropist and Swiss financier, has died suddenly at the age of 57, according to the Edmond de Rothschild group whose board of directors he chaired.

The Rothschilds and Rockefeller families are no strangers evil. These families have been running the world for generations from behind closed doors of their secret societies (builderberg group.)

A source writes, “It is with deep regret and great sadness that Edmond de Rothschild Group announces the passing of Benjamin de Rothschild following a heart attack at his home in Pregny (Switzerland) in the afternoon of 15 January 2021,” the group’s statement says. His net worth was more than $1.5 billion, according to Forbes, which calls him a “descendant of the French Rothschild banking family.”

Donald Tober leaps to his death 

Wealthy Sweet’N Low magnate Donald Tober leaps to his death from NYC apartment.

Donald Tober dead by suicide jumping off building at 89
Wealthy Sweet’N Low magnate Donald Tober leaps to his death from NYC apartment

A wealthy, 89-year-old artificial sweetener magnate who made Sweet’N Low a household name has committed suicide by jumping from his Park Avenue apartment building, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Donald Tober, CEO and co-owner of the New York-based 1,400-employee Sugar Foods, leapt to his death just after 5 a.m. Friday, January 15, 2021, and was found in the courtyard of the luxury Upper East Side building between 65th and 66th streets, the sources said.

At the helm of Sugar Foods, Tober turned the company’s flagship product, Sweet’N Low, and its ubiquitous little pink packets, into a mainstay on kitchen counters and restaurant tables across the country, along with Sugar in the Raw and N’Joy nondairy creamer.

Why would an 89-year-old commit suicide? Hmmm

We all know sweet ‘N Low is poison to living things, and yet, they produced it, marketing as “safer than sugar.” This was a lie among many. Research it.

Chinese Socialite Luo Lili, 34, Jumps To Her Death

Luo Lili dead at 34 by suicide. Luo Lili was close with Hillary Clinton.
Lou Lili with Hillary Clinton

A Chinese-American socialite who once rubbed elbows with Hillary Clinton, plunged naked from her penthouse in Hong Kong while holding her 5-month-old daughter in her arms, leaving them both dead, according to reports.

Seems most people affiliated with Hillary Clinton get “suicided.”

The horrific incident involving 34-year-old Lili Luo and her daughter, Aier, happened on January 6, 2021, in Yau Ma Tei, local media reported.

The mother and her baby were pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities are probing whether the woman, who is reportedly the only daughter of real estate tycoon Lin Luo, the chairman of China’s Jinlin Real Estate company, had suffered from post partum depression, local reports said.

Chris Murphy, INXS Manager, dies at 66

Chris Murphy INXS manager is dead
Chris Murphy, INXS Manager, dead at 66

Chris Murphy, successful Australian music manager best known for managing the career of Aussie rock band INXS, has died aged 66, on January 17, 2021.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Murphy, who had been INXS’ manager since 1980, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer before Christmas, 2020.

“It is with great sadness that Caroline Murphy and family confirm that Christopher (CM) Mark Murphy, chairman of Murphy Petrol Group has today passed away peacefully at his beloved Ballina property ‘Sugar Beach Ranch’ surrounded by his family,” read a statement from his management company, Murphy Petrol Group.

Deep State Cabal is being taken down

These are only 4 deaths of famous people within 2 days of each other. What do you think?

A document including some popular people involved in the 9/11 Attack

Are these people being removed (arrest at GITMO) and replaced with stories of suicides or sudden death? Again, these are only 4 of a handful of “deaths” within 2 days of each other.

Are the Arrests and Executions of Famous people starting or is it coincidence?

Do you think these sudden deaths have anything to do with the Arrests and Executions of Famous People in 2021? You have to admit, it’s pretty coincidental and the timing is odd.

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