NEVER use Bank of America for any loan or credit card! Bank of America will steal your home with foreclosure scams!

bank of america loan modification mortgage scam


NEVER use Bank of America for any loan or credit card! Bank of America will steal your home with foreclosure scams!

I have been trying to work with Bank of America for 10 years, asking for help when we fell on hard times. My wife lost her job when they had cut backs, and within a year, I found myself looking for work due to the economic conditions of the recession in 2008.

Our house was $90,000 underwater and we had no income coming in, with a baby on the way. The perfect storm for AWFUL!

I called Bank of America asking if I could make half a mortgage payment to buy more time to look for a job. I was out of work for 6 months and confident I would just need another 2 months to find something.

In the 10 years of having this Bank of America mortgage, I was ALWAYS ON TIME with my monthly mortgage payment, and in fact, early by a week at times.

Bank of America wouldn’t listen and didn’t care to help. Their answer was, “sorry sir, any payment not paid in full will be seen as partial payment and will be returned to you.” Even if the BOA mortgage payment was $1 short, it would be returned. That’s what Bank of America told me.

I was a loyal customer and ALWAYS paid on time. It was very hard. There were months we went with much less groceries, barely making it, and only paying half of some utilities. I canceled cable tv awhile ago and haven’t had a house phone in 20 years. There was nothing else to cancel. The cars were paid off. The house and utilities and bills and medical expenses and kids required 2 incomes. We were barely making it, if we made it at all, on my income. I made it work.

Time and again, Bank of America would not help and would not listen. Then BOA pulled their HAMP loan modification scam, suggesting that I miss 2 months payments to show a hardship so they can work on a loan modification for me. I didn’t feel right about missing mortgage payments at all. I did miss the 2 months and filled out all the paperwork they sent. It took days to get the tax forms, pay stubs, medical records, utility bills and anything else they required to prove a hardship.

Of course after 6 weeks I receive a letter from Bank of America loan modification dept. saying I didn’t fill all the forms out correctly. This is BS! I was very careful since I knew everything depended on this and I’m always very thorough. So I tried again. BOA sent all the loan modification forms a 2nd time. About 6 weeks later I receive a letter saying they misplaced some forms. In the meantime, the rep assigned to work with me is NEVER AVAILABLE. I left many voice mails, which went unanswered. No one at BOA will talk to you. They transfer you to your loan modification rep, who is never available.

It took me a month of trying before I got someone at the bank to talk to me besides the rep they assigned to me.

I could go on and on how Bank of America screws their customers over. I started doing research and found so many common threads with other Bank of America customers.

Everything they did to me, they did to other BOA mortgage customers. Missing paperwork, stringing you along, not letting you talk to anyone.

Do you know why Bank of America does this? Because while you’re frantically trying to get everything in order to give your family a 2nd chance, they are delaying and working on foreclosure proceedings behind the scenes. Bank of America will milk the loan modification all they can so you miss payments and look bad. Now BOA has you where they want you.

Did you know that when BOA forecloses on your home, they don’t lose money? Nope! Our government bails them out so they are paid back.

If you file for bankruptcy, I recommend chapter 7. It is not scary, and it will protect you. Include your home in the chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bank CANNOT touch you or harrass you to pay back the difference after foreclosure or ever! If you decide you want to walk from your home, you can. The bank CANNOT come after you at all. Never EVER sign a reaffirmation with the bank either!

A reaffirmation says the bank is included in the bankruptcy but you promise to pay them. In fact, NEVER sign anything after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy.

BOA are filled with JAGOFFS, THIEVES, IDIOTS, LIARS and DEMONS! These BOA idiots can’t their ass from a hole in the ground. I don’t care how nice they are to you, there is tons of proof out there. Search for it.

NEVER EVER use Bank of America for a home loan, car loan, credit card or anything!

I have worked with mortgage lenders and said I will NEVER work with Bank of America again. They have to prove any loan will not go to them. They always laugh, along with realtors, saying they are in the same boat. They refuse to work with Bank of America.

One other thing. Bank of America said my PMI was finally dropping off. I was fighting for this for 4 years. They misquoted me $80 less per month so I paid $80 less. Due to their clerical error, they said I owned $80. I was upset they screwed up again but paid it over the phone with a debit card. Instead of charging me $80 BOA charged the unathorized amount of over $5700.00!

Not once in their recording did I agree to pay that and not once did the rep mention that. Of course, since that charge didn’t go through (I’m not rich), the payment didn’t go through. This made me late for my mortgage, which triggered foreclosure.

Bank of America admitted their mistake but said they can’t stop the process. REALLY! FU!

Get yourself a good attorney and battle this demonic bank. I also reported Bank of America to the FDIC. That woke them up. They didn’t like that one bit. TOO BAD!

Here’s just ONE lawsuit Bank of America got nailed on. This bank was bailed out by the government during the housing crisis. BOA almost went under but our government bailed them out. WHY? Well, one reason is, BOA is used to launder money.

Good luck.

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