Bank of America SUCKS

Bank of America sucks

Most of you reading this post know why Bank of America sucks! I’m sure you have your story to tell and I urge you to write in the comments below, so as to share and spread the word.

This post on why Bank of America sucks is not due to just one incident, oh no! There are MANY I can talk about. The financial industry is filled with corrupt practices but no other bank or financial institution comes even close to Bank of America!

The ultimate Too Big to Fail bank really is America, a hypergluttonous ward of the state whose limitless fraud and criminal conspiracies we’ll all be paying for until the end of time. Did you hear about the plot to rig global interest rates? The $137 million fine for bilking needy schools and cities? The ingenious plan to suck multiple fees out of the unemployment checks of jobless workers? Take your eyes off BOA for 10 seconds and guaranteed, they’ll be into some shit again: This bank is like the world’s worst-behaved teenager, taking your car and running over kittens and fire hydrants on the way to Vegas for the weekend, maxing out your credit cards in the three days you spend at your aunt’s funeral. They’re out of control, yet they’ll never do time or go out of business, because the government remains creepily committed to their survival.

Sure, there are some good employees at Bank of America but odds of finding one are slim to none.

When I say good, I don’t just mean a nice personality. I mean,

  1. Do BOA employees FOLLOW UP ON THEIR WORD?
  3. DO BOA employees FOLLOW THROUGH?
  4. Do BOA employees know what they’re doing?
  5. Do BOA employees care?

The answer is NO to all of these questions, from most BOA employees.

I’ve had a couple friends work for BOA or with BOA in the mortgage industry and they always dreaded it. Working with mortgages through Bank of America is something they would always dread. Either BOA didn’t know what they were doing or the bank was always trying to pull a fast one.

I’ve done HOURS of research on how Bank of America screws over anyone they can for any amount of money they can.

There are HUNDREDS of websites talking about why Bank of America SUCKS


Bank of America sucks. BOA is the worst excuse for a bank
Bank of America should be avoided at all costs!

It all started with the purchase of our new home in 2007, just in time for the recession, when the banks profited and the government bailed them out.

It was a time of chaos. People were either leaving their homes in droves or being foreclosed on because they couldn’t make the mortgage payments the bank setup for them. Sure, this wasn’t just a Bank of America problem, but they certainly took advantage of the times!

Bank of America sucks and should be avoided. Never use Bank of America for refinance or mortgages.

Bank of America had a plan in place where you could refinance and even apply for a smaller loan with lower interest. For fear of losing their homes, thousands of BOA customers bought into this.

Every story was the same. I even tried, and turned it down. It was scary how my story matched what every homeowner had said about Bank of America. Here’s how they roped you in and forced your home into foreclosure:

  1. You call BOA asking for mortgage assistance
  2. Bank of America offers the HARP plan.
  3. BOA sends you a stack of HARP paperwork to be filled out and mailed back.
  4. If you qualify for HARP your payments and mortgage will be less.
  5. You get to keep your house at a much lower rate.

This HARP plan sounds great doesn’t it? HA HA, that’s what BOA wants you to think. Bank of America feeds off your fear and offers a plan to keep your family safe.

Here’s what happened EVERY TIME a homeowner applied to the plan through Bank of America. When I say EVERY TIME, I mean EVER SINGLE TIME! I have friends who worked there to back this up. Do a google search for yourself. You’ll read thousands of horror stories on Bank of America refinancing through HARP.


  1. Bank of America sends you the stack of forms to be filled out.
  2. You need copies of home expenses, bills, credit cards, pay slips.
  3. You need to make a certain amount of income (most everyone is accepted.)
  4. BOA says to stop making payments on your home during this process.
  5. Stopping payments on your home shows times of hardship, and is a prerequisite for the HARP process.
  6. MOST EVERYONE who applied was told their files were not received or incomplete! This buys Bank of America more time.
  7. You fill out the forms again after they send you another confusing packet.
  8. Without you knowing, Bank of America starts the foreclosure process on your home since you haven’t made payments.

Wait a minute, didn’t Bank of America ask you to stop making payments to quality for the HARP mortgage assistance program? Yes, they did.

Bank of America is EVIL and will do whatever they can to get whatever money they can from you! They want you OUT OF YOUR HOUSE so they can sell it to someone else.

Don’t think for a second they care about you or your family. This is not true and never will be! A google search will show you thousands of BOA complaint websites.

Bank of America sucks and should be avoided. Never use Bank of America for refinance or mortgages.
Google searches show hundreds of Bank of America treating customers poorly.

There was a time I lost my job due to a company going out of business from the recession in 2008. We were thousands of dollars underwater on our home, like most homeowners. We couldn’t afford the house and we had our first child on the way. I called Bank of America begging to let me pay half the mortgage to show good faith because I needed just a couple more months to find a job. I was confident I could find a job in a couple months. I had been unemployed for 6 months at the time and looked daily, for hours.

Their answer, time and again was, sorry sir, anything less than full payment will be seen as not paid and you will be in foreclosure.

I NEVER missed a payment and was always on time as well. I needed help and just asked for a month extension. I called multiple times over a couple weeks with the same answer. I get it, banks need to make money. It’s not like I was going to skip town or screw them over.

No Bank of America employee offered to help. We have always lived very lean. No cable tv, no going out to eat, etc. There wasn’t much to cut back on. It was choose to eat or lose the house. My pride didn’t allow me to walk away from the house and I also didn’t feel that would be right, although thousands of families were walking away from their homes.


Did you know that filing for bankruptcy can include your house? Once that is done, there is nothing the bank can do if you decide to leave. They cannot come after you for the balance. I know a couple people who did just this and Bank of America jumped at the chance to help them with refinancing! TOO LATE! BOA knew they were screwed. They knew they couldn’t go after the balance so they’ll do everything they can to rope you into another mortgage / refinance. Once you sign that dotted line a 2nd time, after bankruptcy, you are obligated to pay.

If you’re with Bank of America and you file for bankruptcy, NEVER REFINANCE through them!

Refinancing renews your obligation to the bank and you won’t be able to walk away from the home if you need to. I’m not saying to walk from your home but if you can’t afford it, family comes first and you don’t need Bank of America coming after you for the balance. They screwed themselves and were bailed out by the government. They don’t care about you, why should you care?

REALLY? F OFF! You know why they are desperate to help now? It’s because if I walk from the house they can’t touch me! I’m under no obligation to stay in the house or pay them anything if I want to leave. They can’t come after me for the balance or any legal fees ever! I’m protected by bankruptcy and they know this.

You know why they keep sending letters with “great” refinance options? Because BOA knows once I sign on the dotted line with a new mortgage, I’ll be roped into responsibility for the home again. I will not be able to walk from the house if I sign a new mortgage.

I can stay in the house as long as I want and nothing changes. The moment I walk, there is NOTHING they can do about it. Not sure if I’ll play that card or not but it’s nice to know I have the option.


I won’t waste your time or mine typing all the nightmare hours I spent on the phone with inept BOA reps giving me bogus information.

One last story I will share with you happened just this last week. I have been fighting to get the PMI taken off the mortgage for about 5 years. PMI is mortgage insurance and really just a way to pad the monthly mortgage. Bank of America has been known to keep it on for months longer than what is needed. I have been fighting and fighting to have it removed. This would give me an extra $90 a month.

After 5 years, I FINALLY got a letter from Bank of America saying the PMI has been removed from the mortgage! I couldn’t believe it. All my fighting finally paid off.

I also received a letter stating the change with the new discounted mortgage would begin 8/1/2019.

I called BOA to verify and they said it isn’t in effect yet. It won’t be for a couple months at least. WHAT?! I have 2 letters from BOA stating the new changes take affect 8/1/2019 with the new amount to be paid moving forward.

I was very nice on the phone with the 3 reps I spoke with. One was clueless and made things worse. The 2nd was rude as hell and I put her in her place. The 3rd was nice but I had no confidence in him. The 4th was a manager I demanded to speak to. BOA is filled with idiots and scammers.

So now here we go again! Inept, worthless, incompetent people passing on wrong info to me, or, are they just doing Bank of America’s bidding?

Is it a trick to get me to pay the lower rate so they can catch me and start foreclosure? I took photos of the letters and emailed them to a manager, who I spoke with. I have yet to hear from him.

I paid the lower rate, as it is 8/2/2019, and the letters tell me that’s what it is. Is Bank of America going to argue letters that came from them? I’m sure they will. I will not back down. The letters state the date and I’m following what was sent.

Bank of America is the WORST “bank” and you should avoid them at all costs!

I will leave you with some stories from the web from Bank of America employees:

HARP was created in 2009 to give borrowers who were current on their mortgages but had little or negative equity an opportunity to refinance at lower rates.

The HARP mortgage program was modified over the years and eventually enabled homeowners to refinance up to 125 percent of the value of their homes without primary mortgage insurance.

After being extended twice over the years, HARP expired on Dec. 31, 2018.


A First-Hand, Tell-All Expose About Bank of America

By a Former Bank of America Employee

Characters in this Story

1. Manager Ms. A – a blatantly sexist Bank of America Branch Manager, and a liar. She has on multiple occasions denied her employees access to the bathroom. She expects her employees to be on call everyday, even the days which they are not scheduled to work. She also has, on multiple occasions, harassed her employees at home, on their time off, by calling their cell phones 6 to 8 times in a row. With outright, outlandish lies, she terminated the employment of a man with a wife who is pregnant.

2. SSS Ms. C – Manager Ms. A’s dim-witted “favorite,” whom she calls “Girlfriend.” Ms. C spends much of her work day on her cell phone and sending e mails. Circumstantial evidence would also indicate that Ms. C may have taken a bribe from a customer. Your Overdraft Fees and ATM Fees help pay her salary.

3. CME Coach F – Manager Ms. A’s boss. He told me I’m not allowed to ever be inside a Bank of America branch ever again.

4. Customer Ms. G – Circumstantial evidence would indicate that Ms. C may have taken a bribe from this customer.

Here’s the Story …

On July 21, at 2:30 PM, my employment with Bank of America was terminated. Present were Manager Ms. A, Someone from Corporate Security, and CME Coach F (via conference call).

I am told that one of the reasons for my termination was that I threatened Manager Ms. A with a gun on Sunday, July 20. Funny that I supposedly “threatened” Ms. A, yet no police report was filed. Additionally, I was never questioned by police about this supposed “threat.”

Here’s what really happened on July 20.

I came into the Branch on Sunday, July 20 to close my bank accounts with Bank of America. I was accompanied by my wife.

My wife and I had a discussion about whether we wanted our funds back in cash or in a check. I wanted the funds in cash because they would clear faster at another bank. My wife wanted the funds in a check because she felt it was safer.

No reference to a gun was made.

Somehow this conversation with my wife, in the twisted mind of Manager Ms. A, became a gun threat.

The other reason cited for my termination, on July 21, is that I supposedly used “abusive language.” No example of this was given, and this is also an outright lie.

Not that it’s much of a loss, and I was going to leave anyway, but the fact remains: Bank of America terminated my employment over lies.

Bank of America also refused to provide me with a severance package.

However, Bank of America did not deny me unemployment. I’m pretty sure that if I had REALLY threatened my manager with a gun … I wouldn’t have gotten unemployment.

Perhaps Manager Ms. A told this lie about me, as a way to get me fired, since I previously contacted Advice and Counsel regarding her favoritism/discrimination. I also previously contacted Advice and Counsel regarding Ms. A on other issues, including her refusal to give me access to the bathroom.

CME Coach F also told me, via conference call on the day of my termination, that I was never allowed in any Bank of America retail Branch ever again upon my termination.

You mean I can’t be a Bank of America customer? I can’t pay $3 ATM fees where no one else has to? And I can’t get an 8% motgage rate, when everyone else is paying under 6%?

I laugh. I can’t take a CME seriously who refers to himself as “Coach F.”

Seriously. What a loser.

Back on July 21, the day of my termination, I called the Payroll Department and asked them to delete my old direct deposit information, and asked them to send me a live check for my final paycheck. I was assured that this was complete, and that my final paycheck would in fact be a live check.

This did not happen. This was the first of two lies told to me by Bank of America’s Payroll Department.

On July 28, in the mail I received notification that my vacation pay had been deposited into my old Bank of America checking account – an account that I had been closed back on July 20.

On the same day, I was assured that a live check for my vacation pay would be sent out and that I would receive that check no later than July 31.

This did not happen. Bank of America’s Payroll Department lied to me AGAIN.

As of August 6, SIXTEEN DAYS AFTER MY TERMINATION, I have yet to receive my vacation pay. SO WHY IS MY VACATION PAY BEING WITHHELD? No one seems to have an answer.

As of August 6, SIXTEEN DAYS AFTER MY TERMINATION, I have yet to receive from Bank of America any type of letter stating that my medical benefits have terminated. I need this letter so that I can go onto the medical benefits my wife’s employer offers.

Here are other things to consider.

On June 13, Manager Ms. A yelled at me for being on the web site CNN Money, which I feel to be a web site related to my job. For some reason, it is okay for the female employees to visit PerezHilton.Com, MySpace, and Facebook under Ms. A’s supervision.

On June 17, Manager Ms. A yelled at me for briefly e mailing my wife regarding groceries. For some reason, it is okay for SSS Ms. C to spend much of their day sending personal e mails. This also happens under Ms. A’s supervision.

Manager Ms. A has, on multiple occasions, denied me access to the bathroom, and has asked me to wait as long as half an hour to use the bathroom.

This is a violation of state and federal law.

On July 15, I was called at home twice by manager Ms. A (it was my day off). She explained to me that my late day that coming Friday (July 18) had to be changed because fellow SSS Ms. C had a doctor’s appointment.

I made an appointment with a medical specialist around this scheduled late day.

On July 16, my next day of work, I told Ms. A that I had a doctor’s appointment also. I was asked by Ms. A to immediately change my appointment, since apparently Ms. C’s appointment was more important than mine.

While on the phone with my doctor’s office, per her request, I took out my cell phone, where I keep my planner, to check my availability for rescheduling my appointment.

I was told by Ms. A that I couldn’t have my cell phone, and that looking at my cell phone was only to be done during designated break time.

However, under Ms. A’s supervision, SSS Ms. C spends much of her day on her cell phone, giggling while she sends text messages back and forth.

When I was unable to reschedule my doctor’s appointment on July 18, I was bitterly told by manager Ms. A to come to work with a doctor’s note.

Why did I need to provide a doctor’s note to explain my wareabouts at a time when I wasn’t scheduled to be at work?

Why was SSS Ms. C not asked to provide a doctor’s note? I was the one originally scheduled off that Friday, and made a doctor’s appointment around my work schedule. SSS Ms. C was originally scheduled to work early that Friday, and springs it on the team with only three days notice that she will be unable to work.

So why was I asked to provide a doctor’s note?

What is the reason for these differences in treatment which I have cited?

The truth is, I don’t know. But when I carefully consider it, I can only come up with a few possibilities.

Is it perhaps because Manager Ms. A, SSS Ms. C, and the other employee I mentioned are all women, and I am a man?

One could additionally argue this point in the mere fact that Manager Ms. A’s pet name for SSS Ms. C, which she frequently refers to her by, is “Girlfriend.” Ms. A doesn’t have a pet name for me at all. She just calls me by my first name. And if there was no discrimination going on here, perhaps Ms. C would be called “Ms. C,” and not “Girlfriend,” by Manager Ms. A.

Is the reason for my differences in treatment I have cited perhaps because it is well known that my wife is pregnant and I will soon be eligible, under FMLA, to take paternity leave?

Or is it perhaps because I fall into the “minority” category, being of Native American descent? I identified myself as such on my original application for employment with Bank of America.

Sexual discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by state and federal law.

Obstructing FMLA is prohibited by federal law.

Discriminating against a minority in the work place is also prohibited by state and federal law.

Manager Ms. A had told her team on a past occasion that under no circumstances were we to refund overdraft fees. During the week of July 7, Customer Ms. G called asking for a refund of her overdraft fees. I politely told her I would be unable to refund her fees, and referred her to Manager Ms. A. Ms. G, who dislikes Manager Ms. A, then offered me a $100 bribe to refund her overdraft fees without involving the manager. I declined. On July 16, 2008, Ms. G called the branch to ask if SSS Ms. C was working. When I told Ms. G that Ms. C wasn’t working, she asked when Ms. C would be working again, stating that she “owed her money.” I noticed in Ms. G’s account that Ms. C had refunded Ms. G’s overdraft fees, disobeying what Manager Ms. A had told us was to be procedure in our branch.

On July 18, Manager Ms. A called my cell phone six times consecutively at approximately 7:30 am, waking my wife, who is pregnant. Six consecutive phone calls constitutes harassment. Apparently she was calling me because she wanted me to join a conference call at 8:00 am. I was to join this conference call “off the clock” and not get paid for my time on the conference call. I wasn’t scheduled in that day until 12:30 pm.

The same day, July 18, I asked Manager Ms. A what my schedule would be for the upcoming week. Her response was, “You will most likely have off Tuesday and Wednesday, but don’t make any plans because I might need you to work those days.” This is a request that I be constantly “on call.”

These requests to be constantly “on call” have happened quite frequently.

I was tired of Manager Ms. A’s pressure that I be on call constantly. I was tired of Manager Ms. A telling me not to make plans on my days off, as she may need me to come into work. I was tired of Manager Ms. A asking me what I was doing on my personal time off that was “so important I couldn’t come into work.”

Being asked to be “on call” on days off (without pay) is in a similar category to being asked to work without pay.

Being asked to work without pay is a violation of federal and state law.

Later that same day, July 18, Manager Ms. A announced that we could no longer have beverages on the side of the teller station. Due to kidney disease, I am a high risk for dehydration, and need to have fluids near me, discreetly if need be, at all times. Ms. A did not seem to care, and under the advice of Advice and Counsel, I had to ask my doctor to write me a note for this simple accommodation.

On July 19, I was called by Manager Ms. A and told to not report to work for the weekend. I was scheduled to work this weekend.

And of course, on July 21, at 2:30 PM, my employment with Bank of America was terminated.

I have been with BOA for about 4 years and I’m finally over them. From random fees and charges and now they want to charge me $5 just to access my own money? I’m switching to PNC, which has a great money management system online AND no fees. Why should I be charged to access my own money?


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