How to grow your YouTube channel – 4 tips to grow your YouTube channel

how to get more youtube subscribers and views

4 Things To Check If Your YouTube Channel Isn’t Growing

A lot of YouTube creators are struggling to get more subscribers and views. If you check these four things in YouTube Analytics, you can find out exactly why your channel isn’t growing. You can fix the issues! All these areas I talk about can be found in your YouTube dashboard stats area.

1. Audience Retention

The first thing to check is Audience Retention. This metric tells you how long your viewers watch your videos on average. If most of your videos are around 25% to 50% viewing time or higher, you’re doing a good job engaging your viewers.

You’ll probably have a couple of videos that fall under the 25% mark. That typically happens with longer videos. You can click on the titles of those videos to see the exact points where viewers drop off. This tells you exactly what to improve in your videos to keep them on board. This can be viewed per video by clicking on each video individually in the dashboard statistics area of your YouTube channel.

If your average audience retention is low, your most important job is to increase it. Edit out all the boring parts of your YouTube video. For example, if you are doing an unboxing video, no one needs to see you spend 30 seconds taking it out of the box it was shipped to you in from UPS. Edit the video to include maybe 3 seconds of you taking it out of the brown shipping box. Make sure your presentation is enthusiastic and energetic. And always deliver value in every video to keep your audience engaged and always be yourself.

how to get more youtube subscribers and views why your youtube channel isn't growing

2. Traffic Sources

One of the most important reports ever is the Traffic sources report. This tells you how people discover your YouTube videos.

Whenever someone tells me they don’t get a lot of new subscribers, this is usually where the real problem is. Often times, their #1 traffic source is Browse features, which is just their subscriptions and video recommendations on the homepage of YouTube. Those are people who already know you! These are the recommended videos that come up and your videos will come up for your current viewers!

You want your YouTube traffic to come from suggested videos, YouTube search and External. External, meaning, from links on websites or other YouTube channels. If you have friends with YouTube channels, see if they can put a link in their video description to your channel. This will help drive traffic whether people read the link or not.

If those factors combined don’t make up for at least 50% of your traffic or if YouTube Search or Suggested videos are ridiculously low, you need to focus on that more.

Click on YouTube search to find out what keywords your viewers type to find your videos. Are those the keywords you really want to be found on? If not, try optimizing your video descriptions and tags to improve your visibility for other keywords. If you do this right, this will also help your views from Suggested videos.

3. SEO Score

Speaking of getting found on YouTube: you should install the free VidIQ plug-in for Google Chrome in order to find out the SEO-score for your videos.

The SEO-score is an indicator that tells you how well your video ranks in the search results. You definitely want this to be a score over 50, and preferably even close to 70 or 80. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the process of finding words google will use to allow people to find your website or YouTube videos. Just like you typed words in and came across this website. The key is think of what people will type in to find you on the internet.

If your SEO-score is very low, make sure you know what keywords you want to be found on. Include them in your descriptions and tags. And use the plug-in to see which keywords people actually search for.

4. Titles and Thumbnails

Titles and thumbnails are truly underrated factors that determine whether or not someone will click on your video or not. A good title and thumbnail will spark the viewer’s curiosity and make them want to find out more about your YouTube video.

You should use a custom thumbnail for your videos. Make sure your thumbnail really stands out and they are very visible on a smaller size.

Use titles that entice the viewer to click. Which video title would you rather click on?

  • My homework tips
  • 10 Tips to Blast Through Your Homework With Ease! #SchoolLife

In Conclusion:

Whenever I look at a channel that doesn’t get a lot of subscribers and views, in 99.9% of the times, the problems lie in one or more of these factors. I hope that by pointing them out to you, you’ll at least be able to identify the real issues on your channel. Let me know what you discover in your metrics!

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