Why millennials are hated

millennials are self centered and spoiled

A millennial is a person born from the years 1982 and 2004. Millennials are generally considered to be self-absorbed and spoiled. Even if the spoiling is not their fault, they still get blamed for being shallow.

Why are millennials hated? That sounds harsh, but true. Each previous era knows more than the next, or so it seems. Back in my day, you kids wouldn’t have lasted. Times were harder when we were kids! Remember those lines?

Turns out everyone has problems whether you realize it or not, but millennials seem to have more “problems” than anyone else.

Not all millennials are spoiled rotten (always challenging authority) but most are.

millennials still act like kids in their mid to late twenties.

What others say about millennial personality:

  • I’m seeing severe arrested development with this group. They still act like kids in their mid to late twenties. Still living at home, have not had even one significant LTR, don’t own cars, party all he time, work shitty jobs. They’re in limbo between adolescence and adulthood. I can’t stand the 30 y/o tattooed & bearded hipsters who skateboard as a means of transportation.

  • Millennials seem to think “ageism” is acceptable. The 20th century never happened for them, and they dismiss it all as worthless history. No lessons learned from the Depression, WW2 or Vietnam.

  • Thoreau, Ghandi and MLK are old relics with nothing to offer.

  • No concern as to what life was like for minority classes. That’s all ancient history.


  • Most millennials whine, “Oh I was told to do this specific task and only that.” Or “The rules change every day. I don’t know what to do!” So, they can’t do two things at once? They can’t use reasoning skills to fill in the gaps from their job training, in order to help a customer? For real!? I know chewing gum and deciding on takeout from GrubHub is challenging, but come on now! They constantly peck away on their iPhones. When I snap them out of their privileged stupor, they just stare at me. “What did I do?” It’s what they’re not doing, namely the job!

  • Millennials were bribed to make good grades. Millennials were raised to believe everyone is a winner. Everybody wants to market to the millennial age group. Zuckerberg and others are young, rich and powerful. Old people have to listen to them, work for them, and appeal to them.

    But soon the Millennials will be old and no longer the desired demographic. Zuckerberg’s generation will be replaced. It happens to the best of us.

    On the bright side, as a GenXer and early “pioneer” of the WWW, I can work circles around these Millennials. They may know the latest apps and trends, but they have no foundation or sense of the future. They really don’t know how to do ANYTHING beyond clicking on buttons in dumbed down apps. No common sense for most millennials, sorry to report. I have worked with many and only 5% have proven me wrong, sorry to say.

millennials are spoiled and hated

Several millennials are creatives, or pretend to be. They took a degree, or a career track job as a back up. Because millennials were raised by helicopter cheerleaders, they not only have the typical bad millennial work habits, they also think they can support themselves as spoken word artists if they just get that one break.

In fairness, the smarter ones are willing to take the barista jobs and have a better attitude towards work and customers (not least because it affects the tip jar). Millennials also are willing to pare down their lifestyle/materialism.

I don’t understand the problem. If millennials by and large are missing days or coming in late or busy with social media instead of their work, why don’t the supervisors fire them and replace them with older people. Many of us are out of work, and we wouldn’t present the boss with these difficulties.

To put it another way, why hire millennials if your experience tells you they will be a pain in the ass?

They definitely cannot stop looking at their phones. Some have no work ethic, but I work in a small town at the moment and I see some that are hard-working and good workers.

Not to mention how many of the female members of this cohort feel the need to either lay on the vocal fry along with their ‘What EV’ attitude, or talk in teensy baby voices. Grow up.

millennials hipsters

A word from a millennial:

I was born in 1983, and my father taught me at a young age that you don’t deserve to get a medal if you didn’t actually do any work. That lesson applies here, too. These people expect to be rewarded for just showing up. This is why even I often find it difficult to deal with millennials; it’s hard trying to have a conversation with someone whose nose is always stuck in an iPhone.

It seems like with this generation the kids and teens make more decisions than the parents do. What happened to parents with a back bone? Let’s bring back good ol’ punishments and maybe the people we are producing won’t turn out so bossy and entitled. In fact, it is mainly the parents’ fault that kids are turning out the way they are. The parents claim that they just can’t get control of them, or there is no point in punishing them because they are just going to do what they want either way. Well I am calling for a stop to that. What is the point in being the adult in the relationship if you refuse to enforce your adulthood?

And just remember, these rules do not only apply to Millennials specifically, but to a few ages just before them, and all ages after them. Mix and match the “Millennial signal” to identify if a friend or family member is suffering from Maximum Millennial Syndrome today. Brace yourselves for the coming generation, the children of the millennials. And as television always prompts one to say, “Can it get any worse?”

One last note, what’s up with the trendy hipster beards and trendy beers?

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