Dyson rechargeable V8 vacuum battery dying and solution. Where to buy a replacement Dyson battery.

Dyson rechargeable V8 vacuum battery dying and solution

Is your Dyson rechargeable V8 vacuum battery not holding the charge it used to? Is your Dyson vacuum dying sooner than it was between charges? This happened to me after a year of owning the Dyson V8 Absolute rechargeable vacuum. I found a Dyson v8 absolute battery replacement that lasts longer than the battery that came in the Dyson V8!

dyson v8 absolute rechargeable battery dyingThere are 2 speeds on the Dyson V8 vacuum, which is standard and high power. I always vacuum carpet on high power, as it gets up all the dust and dog hair on that setting. We have a German Shepherd (GSD.)

With the high setting, the Dyson V8 Absolute lasts about 10 minutes. I was able to vacuum the living room and dining room on a full charge.

After a year, I noticed the Dyson battery lasted about 2 minutes or less on a full charge. The Dyson battery was losing its charge.

I ordered a 3rd party battery from Amazon for the Dyson V8 Absolute and easily installed it yesterday. This replacement battery for my Dyson V8 Absolute lasts twice as long as the Dyson battery!

The Dyson V8 has a 2500 mAh battery, while the 3rd party battery has a 3800 mAh, which means it lasts longer!

How long does the new Dyson battery last?  I was able to vacuum the entire house, including the 2nd floor, minus one of the bedrooms, on one charge using the highest power setting. This includes all rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, etc. I LOVE THIS BATTERY and highly recommend it!

dyson v8 absolute replacement batteryThe Dyson V8 replacement battery is easy to install, comes with a small screwdriver, 3 screws and 2 replacement air filters for your Dyson vacuum. I used the same screws already in my Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum and had no issues. Total installation took about 5 minutes. You will need to remove the dirt catch container from the vacuum to replace the battery, which is easy to do. If you have any questions, ask.


This battery is much less expensive and lasts much longer than the battery Dyson vacuums come with.

The Powilling 21.6V 3.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Replacements for Dyson V8 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Dyson V8 Absolute(with Dyson Vacuum Parts, HEPA Post&Pre-Filter V8 Kit, Dyson V8 Animal Replace Filter Kit)

On a side note, we have always had great vacuums for the house, even by the big name brands. Vacuums had to be replaced every couple years.

I always thought of trying the Dyson vacuums but never wanted to spend that kind of money. I was already spending about $200 every 2 years roughly on a vacuum, so why not spend $150 more and see if Dyson is up to the hype. After thinking about it for weeks I took the plunge and will not ever own anything but a Dyson again. I’m not getting paid to say this.

I will never have anything other than a Dyson! I can’t believe the amount of dirt and hair collected by these powerful vacuums! Dyson is by far the best vacuum brand I have ever used and will never use anything else. They’re made incredibly well and completely blow away the competition. If you get one of these vacuums, you’ll see what I mean when emptying the container. Each vacuum session, every few days, results in a solid dust bunny the size of a softball, filled with mass hair and dirt.


I highly recommend Dyson vacuums!

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