valentines sucks another hallmark holiday

Valentines Day SUCKS! Another Hallmark holiday

Valentines day sucks! It’s another hallmark holiday. Don’t get sucked into it.

Valentine’s Day is a “holiday” celebrated by couples or people who are infatuated with the thought of love. Is the proper way to show how much you care for someone with a superficial gift because you’re told to do so? Most agree this is the case, especially when their significant other demands a gift on valentine’s day. Really? Buy someone something because it’s expected? No pressure. No love.

valentine's day sucks

By late January, most stores have an aisle dedicated to cheap chocolates, candies, stuffed animals, and other garbage goodies associated with Valentine’s day.

The average amount spent for Valentine’s Day is $130.97 per person.

The total amount of money spent for Valentine’s Day annually is $18.2 billion as recorded by the National Retail Federation. People normally expect to receive an expensive gift from their significant other on this seemingly “important day.”

There shouldn’t be a designated day for love. If you want to give your partner a gift, you should, without expectation. It will mean more if you are not told YOU HAVE TO. Sweetest day: there’s another Hallmark holiday: the watered – down Valentine’s day.

The silly idea put into the heads of many is that it’s customary to spend money on their significant other for Valentine’s Day. Should people not celebrate their love for each other on other days of the year as well?

valentines day is a hallmark holidaySingle people may hate it, or maybe that’s because they’re smarter. Let’s face it, if most men don’t buy something for their girlfriend or wife, there WOULD be hell to pay. Why? Because the media says we need to. Because hallmark says we need to. Because society says we need to. I’ve never celebrated it and never will. I’m not one to do things because I’m told it’s the thing to do. Not a fan of conformity here.

Hallmark and florists love the ridiculous amount of money spent during this season. On hallmark’s website, there are 911 different Valentine’s Day cards available for purchase. Why 911? I don’t know, but that’s interesting.

Hallmark is glorifying couples spending time together on one day, but you must spend extra money to do so. At least that’s what Valentine’s Day states. Why do you love someone more on one particular day?

valentines day sucks for single peopleA common act of showing one’s love on any occasion is by purchasing flowers, specifically roses, for their significant other. About 198 million roses were grown for Valentine’s Day in 2010 as estimated by the Society of American Florists. Around this holiday, the cost of flowers normally increase with the demand, by at least 3X the amount.

Even though Valentine’s Day is often associated with spending money in order to please one’s significant other, it shouldn’t be spoiled for those who actually show how much they care for one another year round. Showing love should not be limited to Valentine’s Day. You should show your love year round. Don’t be a sheep!

valentines day is stupid


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