How to write a book and publish to Amazon

how to write a book and publish to amazon

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to write a book. Back then it was a complex process of finding a publisher to believe in your work enough to take you under their wing for a book deal.

A book deal, similar to a record deal, is when they believe in your work enough that they front the money for publishing, duplication, marketing and shipping to stores. Wait, who am I kidding. They see dollar signs. If they believe your book or music will make them money, they will take you under their wing, until you don’t make money for them any longer.

All that has changed with the digital age. Again, writers and musicians are now self-publishing out of their homes. You no longer need to seek out a publishing company or record label.

You may be thinking how you can write a book when there are so many great authors out there? I’m here to tell you I’ve read lots of books and many are not worth the paper they are printed on, or, the $1.99 I spent on Amazon. Many “writers” just write and publish to Amazon without editing or having someone polish their work.

Don’t think you have to be an expert in your field either. You don’t need to be some college professor with degrees on your wall. All you need is real world experience in an area where people are needing assistance.

how to write a book and publish to amazon

Maybe you’re really good at gardening and you enjoy it. Maybe you’re great at home repair. You could write each chapter for a part of the house such as lawn care, furnace maintenance, etc. Maybe it’s a quick home repair guide. A lot of people would enjoy having that around I’m sure.

If you have a talent or passion for something, don’t sell yourself short. There are many people in the world who may want to know what you know. Just write.

Here’s a great starting point for those of you new to writing and are looking for tips.

Two of the biggest tips I can give you would be to write as if you’re talking to a friend. Don’t worry about using fancy words. Just write like you’re talking to a friend.

It’s a good idea to keep a thesaurus handy (online) if you want to spice it up a bit.

The 2nd tip is JUST WRITE! Don’t think about it. Just write and don’t stop writing. I had a great writing teacher in college. Every day she would force us to write for 5 minutes without stopping. NEVER STOP. If you didn’t have anything to write, she asked that you would write whatever came into your mind, and this would include, “I have no idea what to write but she is forcing us to write whatever comes into mind and right now there is nothing.” The objective was to never stop writing. This forced your mind to work and was a great exercise.

Your book will go through many phases during the writing process. Once you have an outline of what you’ll say, put it to paper. Just write. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense or if it’s too wordy. You will cut parts out, edit, polish and tailor to your needs. This editing phase of writing is my favorite part. It’s where you can get the words just right to fit what you are trying to express. I have gone through 4 revisions of my current book and have more to do before I’m happy with it.

how to write a book and publish to amazon
Book I’m working on

Once you are done with the writing, find an editor to proofread and edit your final work. The next step is to have a cover designed by a graphics artist. You can find many of these people on the website, FIVERR. For around $30 you can have a professional book cover done.

Once all this is complete, it’s time to upload to Amazon so people can find it and purchase. That’s really all there is to it. Here is the link to Amazon’s KDP site where you can read more on their services and sign up. It’s all free and you can set your price as well.

Don’t be lazy. There are people out there looking for the knowledge you have. If you sell enough books you can even make some side money. Some self-published authors make good money doing what they love. This, as with anything, will take time. You can’t expect to write one book and have it take off, although this has happened.

So good luck, get writing and enjoy yourself. go write the next great novel, a self-help book or a book of poems. The sky is the limit. It will be rewarding and enjoyable.





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