youtube monetization is enabled for my channel 6-21-2018!

youtube monetization delays beyond june 2018

I HAVE GOOD NEWS! YouTube monetization was disabled for my channel yesterday but is enabled today, 6/21/2018. I was looking at a video on my channel and saw an ad play at the beginning. I quickly checked the channel settings and it’s active!

For those of you relying on YouTube for side money or your entire income, you are aware of the monetization delays. YouTube is not paying their video creators. They have put a hold on the ability to make money on videos created and say it will take until the end of June for them to get caught up. YouTube has been saying this for months.

I currently have close to 5,000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of viewing and monetization is enabled! This hopefully shows YouTube is not favoring larger channels first. Don’t lose hope. Your YouTube channel could be monetized any day now. Remeber to follow their rules and good luck to you all.

A growing number of video creators / YouTube partners have their mind set to believe YouTube monetization will never happen. YouTube monetization delays have been forecasted until end of june 2018. YouTube has been stringing along their partners since November 2017, taking away monetization and placing the blame on not having enough help to sort through all the videos and channels?!

From Reddit:

They say they “hope” to review them by the end of june. Hope is their keyword for “no way it’s going to happen”. They will postpone it again. They are a multi billion dollar company, they have data about absolutely everything, they have artificial intelligence and fine-grained analytics. Do you really think they can’t estimate if reviews take 2 weeks longer or more than half a year? They are fooling us.

Oh, please. They still have not “reviewed” channels with 100k + subscribers from November 2017. Innocent ad-friendly content. If they were actually reviewing channels, they would have reviewed them by now. This is all deception. It’s shameless and disgusting. Enticing people to “grow their audience” and letting them wait indefinitely for something that may never come. From November 2017 to July 2018. Sure…

youtube monetization issues will last until end of june 2018 or longer
youtube monetization is enabled as of June 21 2018 for me

Monetization means you get paid for creating videos. It works very similar to television. Promoters place ads on the programs you watch, paying the network for the exposure to their product. YouTube works in a similar way, taking money from promoters to place ads on your videos that YOU CREATE. YouTube pays out very little to the video creators…VERY LITTLE. Without creators there would be no YouTube….ironic.

You’ve heard of YouTube creators making thousands of dollars a month. This is true. These channels have mass subscribers of 500,000 or more! The more subscribers you have, the more views your videos will generally have. The more views your videos have, the more money you make because ads are being watched on those videos.

On a side note, you can make good money if you don’t have subscribers. Your content needs to be good and easily found on the internet / YouTube via SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

A lot of people rely on this money each month from YouTube, whether it’s side income or their entire salary. Many people use YouTube as their sole source of income.

It’s hard to say why YouTube is having issue with monetization. After all, the more channels are monetized, the more money YouTube would make. It goes without saying that video creators are very nervous.

Rest assured, I was very happy to see my channel monetized this morning! It wasn’t yesterday but it is today. Good luck to you all.

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