Starbucks to Close 8,000 U.S. Stores for Racial-Bias Training – IDIOTS!

starbucks anti racial training

Bend over Starbucks! You’re the next target for racists of the black kind. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Starbucks racial bias training. This is beyond RIDICULOUS! Starbucks is stupid for bending over and are losing many customers because of it. How asinine is it, that 8,000 Starbucks stores have to close for training because two black males were refused use of the washroom. They got their little feelings hurt. They were told they didn’t order anything from Starbucks so they couldn’t use the washroom. I was told that before when I asked if I could use the washroom. Nothing happened for me. Is it because I’m white? Maybe I should start a story on that. Wait a minute, hold on….oh, I get it. There are rules, which I will respect. These jerks did not. Let me clarify for the simple-minded. I’m not calling them jerks because they’re black. They’re jerks because they can’t follow the rules and have to cry about it. Grow the F up.

How is this wrong? Oh yeah, they were black, I forgot. So none of you have ever seen signs that said “NO SHIRT NO SHOES NO SERVICE”?! I have. That’s not the case here, but simply, an example.

I have also seen signs in various restaurants stating a washroom is for paying customers only. What’s wrong with that? The Starbucks employee who refused them to use the washroom did the right thing. After the two black males were refused the washroom, nicely, they refused to leave. That’s suspicious. The Starbucks employee then called the police. That starbucks employee did the right thing.

starbucks anti racial training

Black or White or Red or Green, rules are rules. People are actually holing up the signs reading “Black lives matter” outside of Starbucks locations. How stupid are you people? Really? You’re all idiots.

When I was a teenager, I worked in the mall. About an hour after closing, an old white man demanded that I open the store gates. I would not. He yelled at me. I would not open the gates. I told him I will have to call security. Instead, I got my supervisor. She was upset with me because that 90-year-old man was the owner and CEO. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? I did the right thing and if I was that old man, I would have been happy to have some young kid do what I did. Not once did he say he was the CEO or the owner.

Can you imagine if the owner was black? In this day and age?

BLACK LIVES MATTER? ALL LIVES MATTER YOU IDIOTS! And this was a simple statement…BATHROOM FOR PAYING CUSTOMERS ONLY! I commend that Starbucks employee.

Why am I NOT SURPRISED. After the two males were refused, nicely, they didn’t leave. They hung around. That’s not suspicious. Black, white, red, green, doesn’t matter. Rules are rules. Why is this a thing? Why is this not laughed off? Unreal. Starbucks closing their doors shows they admit to doing something wrong. This will never stop. Call me racist but I believe there are only two types of people…idiots and non idiots…..along with cruel and not cruel.

Hopefully this blog post gets passed around. This is one reason America has begun to suck. Too many people jumping on the band wagon to get their own personal political agendas fulfilled.

DUNKIN DONUTS HERE I COME! Never liked trendy starsux anyway.

Again, IDIOTS!

2 thoughts on “Starbucks to Close 8,000 U.S. Stores for Racial-Bias Training – IDIOTS!

  1. I expected better from a fellow dog lover (I landed here from your article on dogs) and feel sad that you’ll overlook a prevalent issue just because you’re unaffected.
    There’s something known as “white privilege” and if you can’t see it, it would do you great help to do some research on it or search it up on twitter. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of beneficiaries of the ‘privilege’ shared their own personal experiences.
    I also once thought “all lives matter”- because they do- but it’s like this: Someone is at a restaurant and others get served but he isn’t and then says I should be treated fairly. Someone quipping “everyone should be treated fairly” is missing the point that the person is making which is that everyone should be treated fairly, including him/her.

    Also, you wouldn’t go against a cancer fundraiser by stating “other diseases matter”.

    I hope you have a better understanding of things.

    Regarding the policy flouting, I agree with you on the attendant being insistent. Calling the cops on the men may be a case of killing a mosquito with a gun… Or it may be racism. Why didn’t s/he call the Supervisor or the Manager? They weren’t in a dark place where they could be attacked without help.


    1. I am a HUGE animal lover. I love animals more than most people…mainly due to your response. Say what you want, I’m tired of the white and black thing. I see no color, only idiots taking advantage of other idiots. White privelege? PLEASE. I’m white and I see no benefit. Seriously, look at the race card for what it is. If a white person gets fired it’s no big deal but if a black person gets fired, they need a lot of paperwork to back it up for obvious reasons. It’s true. I hate drama and have no time for anyone crying color, whether black or white trash or otherwise.


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