saltwater aquarium led lighting by Finnex

Saltwater aquarium led lighting is the best lighting you can have for your tank. LED lighting is cheaper, less expensive to run and looks much better than T5 lighting.

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I have used both LED lighting and T5 lighting for my 125 gallon saltwater tank. I love LED lighting the most for reasons stated in the beginning of this post. Finnex LED lighting is best and inexpensive and great for saltwater aquariums. I highly recommend you check them out.

Those into the saltwater tank hobby will know what I’m talking about. Those just entering the hobby will learn something. The rest of you will say what the hell is he talking about? That’s ok.

saltwater tank help by rotter tube reef on youtube

T5 lighting is what I currently have above my saltwater tank, not only for light, but to feed the coral. A T5 light is basically a hanging shop light that uses special bulbs. These bulbs need to be replaced each year and are around $15 each. I have a 4 bulb unit. The T5 light I have is great but it’s just too much light for my tank, which is a 125 gallon saltwater aquarium that is 6′ long.

T5 lighting can also result in green hair algae growth. GHA is gross and almost impossible to get rid of. It happened to me. My beautiful saltwater aquarium looked like a moss swamp. There is less chance growing green hair algae with LED lighting.


  • LED lighting doesn’t cost much electricity to run
  • LED lighting doesn’t need to be replaced once a year like T5 lighting
  • LED has less of a chance growing green hair algae
  • LED lighting can be cheaper depending on what light you buy
  • LED lighting gives off much less heat, if any at all
  • LED lighting is lighter and looks better when attached to a saltwater tank

My current light setup is a T5 light suspended over the saltwater tank. Some people attach the light to their ceiling, which I will never do. That would look tacky in my house.

I spray painted gas pipes from home depot and attached them to the back of my tank to suspend my T5 lighting. I will use these same mounts to suspend the lighter LED lights by Finnex when they arrive.

Finnex LED lighting is meant to sit on top of the tank lids but I don’t use lids and the longest light they have is 48″. My saltwater tank is 72″ long. I will suspend the 48″ Finnex marine light about 6 inches from the top of my tank using those same DIY light hangers.

finnex led lights for saltwater tank

The LED lights by Finnex I ordered are only white light and blue light. This is PERFECT for a saltwater tank since white lights brighten and blue lights feed the coral. Other lighting such as the MARS Aqua, which I looked at, are a little pricier and have some red LED in them. I don’t want red lighting of any kind, as this will feed algae in the tank.

If I go back to glass lids, I can just rest the 48″ Finnex light on those. Not sure if I will ever go back to glass lids since the salt creep (salt from splashing saltwater tank) blocks the light from shining through the glass. I use mesh lids, which are better for oxygenating the tank water.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you are using in the comments section below. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel, Rotter Tube Reef, if you’re into the saltwater tank hobby.

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