The best memory card carrying case by beeway

sd card carrying case by beeway

The best memory card carry case by beeway can be had for about $11.00. I never thought of purchasing a carry case for my SD cards since I always kept them either on my desk or in the camera case of the camera used at the time. Although this worked well for years, the day came when two SD cards could not be found. As I write this, I continue to tear the house apart, with low expectations. I’m the type of person who puts everything in its proper place. I’m not obsessive compulsive, but when I need something, I need to know where it is at any given moment. If I go for something and it isn’t there, there’s a very good chance someone either took it or misplaced it on me.

sandisk sd card
SD memory card for cameras

What’s an SD card?

Until they year 2000, cameras captured photo and video on film, which needed to be developed. This was pricey and limiting. The digital era allowed for photographers and videographers to not only capture photos or video faster, but allow for easier editing, without the developing. Inside every SD card, rows of tiny memory chips are at work – storing all your documents, music, photos etc. There are no moving parts, which means that MicroSD cards can be pretty durable – lots even claim to be waterproof.

Samsung, for example, claims that its MicroSD cards are safe from all kinds of water damage. The company also claims that the cards can survive being run over by a 1.6 tonne vehicle, or withstand the magnetic forces exerted by an MRI scanner.

My normal SD card storage routine is to keep the SD memory cards in the zippered section of the camera case I’m using. After the photo shoot, the SD cards will be moved to my editing work area for editing. Once editing is complete, the cards are moved back to the camera bag I will be working with next. I had to purchase 3 new SD cards last month since none of my previous SD cards could be found.

To always keep the SD cards in one place, I purchased this really nice SD card carry case for around $10 on Amazon. All memory cards will be kept in the case at my desk in the studio, unless they’re being used for a photo shoot.

Beeway Memory Card Carrying Case Holder for SD SDHC SDXC – 12 Slots Sealed Waterproof with Storage Bag & Carabiner

sd memory card carry case

This SD case is very strong, as the ad shows it being run over by a car unscathed. It is also waterproof, which is nice if you’re going on a shoot in inclimate weather. What’s nice is the case holds 12 SD memory cards for around $10!

Check it out on Amazon and keep your SD memory cards safe and secure!

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