best microphone for youtube and twitch

best microphone for youtube and twitch – blue yeti

The blue yeti microphone is the best choice for podcasting, youtube and live streaming on twitch. Being an audio engineer of 25 years, I have used many different microphones by different brands, from Shure to Sennheiser.

If you want phenomenal sound quality, any of the microphones by Blue are what you need. I use the blue yeti microphone for my podcast, in my recording studio for twitch live streaming and my YouTube channels. Many gamers use the blue yeti microphone for twitch streaming, as it has become the go-to mic for thousands.

Musicians use the blue yeti for recording music in their home. Since the yeti uses a usb connection, it’s a simple plug and play mic that works for both windows and mac. You can use the Yeti with iPhone and iPads as well, with the proper lightning to usb adapter. The Yeti uses Blue Microphone’s proprietary tri-capsule technology to produce pristine, studio-quality recordings that are powerful, crisp and warm.

It features four different pattern settings for recording vocals, instrumental music, podcasts, or interviews in ways that would normally require multiple microphones. With simple controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and microphone gain, you’ll be creating exceptional recordings right out of the box.

the best podcasting and youtube microphone by blueThe yeti is equipped with a gain control to limit the level of sound coming into it, along with a headphone jack, volume control and multiple pattern selection such as cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo. There is a mute button, which comes in handy if you need to cough during a live stream. I have used the yeti for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, skype interviews, field recordings, conference calls and recording narration for my YouTube channels. The blue yeti adds warmth and fullness to your voice. It sounds very natural and I highly recommend it.

best podcasting and youtube microphone by blueThe other mic by blue to consider is the snowball ice condenser mic. This mic is also widely used and on the lower end of the price range. It lacks some of the features by the yeti such as gain control (cannot control the audio level coming into the mic) and audio recording patterns. The snowball mic is outstanding but for a little more money, you get the features required by top podcasters and YouTube creators, the blue yeti it your best bet.

I keep one blue yeti in my recording studio for fast voice over work for clients and a second in the room I do live streaming for YouTube as the host of the channel. A very simple setup for youtube would be a Logitech pro video conference camera and this microphone.

All microphones by blue are outstanding and I recommend them highly. One of the pro vocalists I work with closely uses blue microphones in his studio exclusively.

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