how to cut cable tv and survive

How to get rid of cable tv and survive

Cutting expenses can be difficult but sometimes the easiest answers are right under your nose. I cut cable tv expenses by getting rid of cable and will never have it again. I kept the internet for streaming and surfing the web. You will need internet access for what I discuss in this post.

Unfortunately, we get caught up in paying for things we don’t need. Just like keeping things in boxes in the basement…you may need them some day so you don’t throw anything out. I was a kid in the 1980s and everyone had a house phone with an answering machine and later on, caller ID. We grew up with house phones so that is what we just “have to have” in our homes when we grow up and have kids. Not me.

I have a tight budget and am always looking for ways to save money. The house phone went away in 2002. I’ve been without a house phone for 16 years. It was difficult to do back then since smart phones weren’t around like they are now and many people still relied on their house phone. I thought, “why am I paying for a house phone when everyone calls me on my cell phone?” Although the answer was clear, it was very difficult for me to cut the house phone, ridding my life of something that I “always had.” It’s hard to get rid of something you always had or grew up with. Honestly ask yourself, “am I using this?” I was never using the house phone so I got rid of it. People have said, “I can never get rid of the house phone…we use it!” Do you? Do you really use it? They never do, and yet, they pay whatever they pay every month, just to have it. Even if it’s $45 a month to have the line, that’s $45 a month for what?

getting rid of landline house phone

Let’s get to the big one, getting rid of cable tv service. I thought about this for over a year. I was afraid to make the change because I’ve had cable since I was 10 years old, when cable tv was a new thing. All tv’s had a box. There was no satellite or dish yet, only coax cable tv with the old fashioned slider on the box. This is when VCR’s and VHS movie rentals were the huge thing. If you didn’t have cable, you were missing out. Cable tv was the next big thing in the 1980s and offered movies regular tv did not.

The internet now offers the next big thing, much bigger than cable tv ever was. Some of these include YouTube, HULU, NETFLIX, Amazon fire stick, etc. Cable tv is now a dinosaur, offering nothing more than an added expense of $100-$200 a month to channel surf. What a waste of money! Some people pay the crazy amount for monthly cable tv of $100 to $200 a month! GOTTA HAVE ALL THE CHANNELS! God forbid they only pay for basic cable, like me, when I had cable.  $200 a month or more for what? To channel surf! That’s INSANE! Most don’t even watch cable tv but refuse to let it go since that’s what they always had.

If you got rid of your house phone, let’s say $50, and cable tv, that’s $150 or so. This would save you $200 a month or more. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Most people are afraid of the unknown but it’s not like you’re cutting yourself off from civilization, living in a log cabin. We’re talking about something you pay lots of money for that you aren’t using.

I got rid of cable tv in 2015 and haven’t been affected at all. I bought a MOHU house antenna that gives phenomenal picture quality and is highly recommended by thousands on Amazon. Check them out. MOHU also sell small tv antennas that resemble a mouse pad, which can be stuck on the wall or hidden. I bought the whole house antenna and couldn’t be happier. I get a 60 mile range.

If you think you have HD with cable tv, think again. With cable tv, they compress the video signal to 720p. Anything compressed is not true to the original. The digital signal does not breathe. This is one reason why you will get pixelation at times when watching cable tv. Pixelation is those annoying blocky squares that show up on your screen. House antennas capture the ANALOG tv signal, which is uncompressed, TRUE HD and FREE! If you think you have HD quality with cable tv, try a house antenna…it will blow you away.

Here’s a video on made on the simple MOHU house antenna install

I kept the internet connection only, to make things run (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, emails, surfing the web, etc.) Now that we have internet only, I upped the internet package to give us a bit more speed. I pay about $15 more a month for faster internet speed, but still saving $120 because cable tv is gone.

But what about tv commercials? So what. I was raised on watching live tv and commercials give me a chance to get something from the kitchen. They’re not a big deal and I actually don’t mind them. We use the house antenna for live to and apple tv for movies and other programming via HULU. With Hulu, you can pay a little more a month for commercial free and also live tv viewing.

Another option is the Amazon fire stick. This is a GREAT product, which is very inexpensive, that connects to an HDMI port on your tv. It delivers HD streaming of movies and shows. There is no monthly fee to use the fire stick. It connects to Alexa so you can control your tv via voice. No remote is required to control your tv, although it comes with one. The nice thing about the Fire stick is, you can take it with you and plug it in to a friend’s tv or any tv with an HDMI port, as long as there is internet for it to connect to. You need an internet wifi connection to stream content.  I will be getting a fire stick today. I have seen it in action and love it.

get amazon fire stick and get rid of cable tv

Who needs cable tv?! Save your money, get a fire stick, and get unlimited viewing of movies and shows with kodi. Kodi is not part of Amazon, it is a 3rd party app you need to install to watch movies that are STILL IN THEATERS! Check out a video on how to install Kodi on the fire stick here:

If you watch sports, there are plenty of options. I think ESPN has their own app you can stream for $10 a month via Amazon fire stick or apple tv.

What do you do for tv and movies after cutting the cord? Let us know.

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