Best selling products on Amazon

most popular products on amazon
most popular products on amazon
best-selling products on Amazon

I have created a list of the Best selling products on Amazon. I buy most everything from Amazon and am a Prime Member (yes it’s worth it.) Buying from Amazon saves me time and money. I don’t have to go anywhere for most things I need. With a day job, YouTube channels to run, a family, hobbies and a blog to maintain, I need to save time and money where I can.

Here’s a link to Amazon’s BEST SELLING PRODUCTS sorted by category. It’s fun to look through all the cool products and find items you never knew existed, not to mention the best selling products online. Most items have deals, which change daily, saving you a ton of money.

Embrava best sports water bottle 32 oz
Embrava sports water bottle 32 oz I just ordered

As an example, I’m starting to drink more water while at work instead of coffee (but will not be giving up coffee…that’s just crazy talk.) Here is a link to the water bottle I just bought, which gave me the idea to write this post. Since I also have my work address listed as a shipping address with Amazon, it will be sent right to work. It will be arriving tomorrow. I’m such a geek. No time lost in shopping or hunting for the perfect bottle. It took about 5 minutes to see the ones I liked and chose this one after reading the reviews. Nice.

Here is a link to different water bottles available on Amazon if you want to check out others and their reviews.

One of the reasons I love Amazon so much is the reviews and the deals. I don’t have to go anywhere. It’s great just doing what I need to do in life and have packages show up on my porch when things are needed. It has made me a bit lazy I think, but that’s not a bad thing. When I say lazy, I mean, I needed an outlet strip. I could have went to the local Target or Walmart, taking 30 minutes out of my Saturday. Instead, I spent 5 minutes and placed an order. Done.

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