Why the last jedi sucked

Why the last Jedi sucked. Disney ruined the last Jedi.

To be honest, I didn’t have plans on seeing Star Wars the last Jedi. After Star Wars episode 1 and 2, it just didn’t work for me. Star Wars the force awakens was an upset to many but it brought Rey as a new interesting character with hopes of her back story being filled. Since I’m talking about new characters, let’s talk about Fin. I HATE this character. Fin brings absolutely nothing to the table besides unnecessary watered-down cheesy comic relief and bad acting. I could rant and prove my point all day but I will not.

The last Jedi promised to be great with many questions finally answered:

  1. Who are Rey’s parents?
  2. Who is Snoke and where did he come from?
  3. Where has Snoke been all these years?
  4. Why did 3PO have a red arm?
  5. Who are the knights of Ren and where are they?
  6. Who made the plans to get to Luke Skywalker?
  7. Why is Anakin’s light saber calling to Rey?
  8. Why did Anakin’s light saber choose Rey?

With all the YouTube videos and forums constantly guessing at what would happen, we were sure to have an answer, along with an epic battle.

Well, Disney chose to do NOTHING. None of these questions were answered.


Fin becomes more stupid and lame slapstick. Gotta LOVE the beginning of the film when he wakes up with water spewing out of his hospital suit. Man I could hardly keep from laughing. Just like the scene with BB8 tying up the guards. That was the BEST. Along with this, Rey gets a laugh when she asks if Kylo can put a shirt on. But I think my favorite part is when BB8 saves the day driving the AT ST. Nevermind how he got up into the AT ST, he’s driving it and blasting the hell out of the bad guys! Boy, these Disney writers really know how it’s done. I’m so glad they bought the star wars franchise.

Did you know I’m sarcastic?

the last jedi sucks

We get to meet Rose, a new character, who no one could care less about. Disney spent more time on the stupid Rose character than Snoke!

We meet a new commander, the Jurassic park chick from the first jurassic park movie. She is now commander for the rebels after Leia is in a coma. Wait, I think she’s a spy, wait, no, she’s not. Now she has a crush on Poe. Who knows what the hell is going on.

Star Wars the last Jedi is a pure FAIL. George Lucas is gone and so is Star Wars. with Disney at the helm, it’s a good old family film packed with silly laughs by people who don’t know how to write. disney also died with Walt Disney.

Even as a stand alone film, Star Wars the last Jedi sucks.

I will not be seeing Star Wars EP 9, which should be the last in this series. I have absolutely no interest. I saw Star Wars, episode IV A New Hope as a kid. That film inspired me to not only get into filmmaking, but audio engineering and photography.

I name my son Luke and my dog Leia. I kind of like Star Wars, but not anything after 1985. Rogue One was very good, but that is it.

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My YouTube review on why the last jedi sucks. Because disney ruines everything.




  1. Lol I’m reading all these star wars posts from you. Found them in my gmail. For real though. They pretty much introduced about 5 new characters in this movie and killed them all off. Didn’t Rose die? Who was the purple haired commander lady? Didn’t she die too? Snoke died. And yeah Finn actually had about half a purpose in episode 7. In 8, he had 0 purpose.

    Everything in star wars is supposed to have a purpose and elaborate backstory. I have The Essential Guide to the Star Wars characters book from when I was a kid. I’d love to see what they come up with if they these characters in a new edition of the book. “This is Rose. She is nothing.”

    And honestly I could have lived with the entire movie. Except…what was with the part with Leia floating through space? I thought maybe that’s how they were going to kill her off because Carrie Fisher died. But no. She just unconsciously floats through space to the room she had just gotten blasted out of. That, alone and above all, was the absolute worst part of the movie.

    On Jan 3, 2018 1:49 PM, “Steve Rotter – Chicago Artist” wrote:

    > rotterstudios posted: “Why the last Jedi sucked. Disney ruined the last > Jedi. To be honest, I didn’t have plans on seeing Star Wars the last Jedi. > After Star Wars episode 1 and 2, it just didn’t work for me. Star Wars the > force awakens was an upset to many but it brought Rey as” >


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