Star Wars The Last Jedi review

For those not wanting to ruin Star Wars the last Jedi for themselves, stop reading.

Avoiding the flu season successfully for the last few months finally caught up with me opening night of Star Wars the last Jedi. I had no intention of seeing the film earlier than 12/26, which is when our tickets are for. Being a fan of Star Wars (My german shepherd is named Leia and my son is named Luke. I also saw A New Hope ep 4 opening day as a kid), curiosity got the best of me.

Scanning the fandango app, I found there to be one ticket left for a 3D showing at 11pm.

I prefer the original films, which are Star Wars episodes 4-6, in that order. 1 was garbage and I almost left the theater when jar jar showed up. I have never left a theater. Ep 2 was alright but ep 3 was the best out of the 3. More on those later.

Star Wars the last Jedi had many questions to answer:

  1. Who are Rey’s parents?
  2. Does Kylo Ren turn to the light?
  3. Does Rey turn to the dark side?
  4. Who is Snoke?
  5. What happens to Fin?
  6. What happens to Leia?
  7. Does Luke die?
  8. Is Snoke mace windu?
Star Wars the last jedi villains and bad guys

There are many more questions I know, but these are the ones I came up with. They are all answered.

Star wars the last Jedi sets up perfectly and neatly for Star Wars ep 9.

There are a couple twists and they did a good job at concealing them from the audience. I can’t stand foreshadowing. I can’t stand the blatantly obvious hints that are dropped, letting an audience know what is going to happen. Sure, that happens here and there but all in all you are surprised it happened the way it did.

The ending battle where Luke shows up, I thought, I bet he’s a hologram. I was right. I’m usually good at guessing what’s going to happen but they did conceal it well.

There was humor in the film and Mark Hamill brought some of his natural humor to the screen. A good example of this is when Rey gives him the light saber. Luke takes it and throws it over his shoulder right away. The audience got a huge laugh. We weren’t expecting that. Everyone expected a more grand response from a master Jedi.

Luke does die at the end and it couldn’t have been done better. I love how his life ended, how peaceful it was. Luke always had a thing for staring out at the setting sun and this was incorporated perfectly. It was especially nice for me since that was what grabbed me first about the film when I was a little kid watching star wars ep 4 A New Hope.

The light saber battle with Rey and Kylo Ren was not improved. Although it looks like weak choreography, I prefer this, showing that neither one of them had proper training. I think it was done this way to show their lack of training.

star wars the last jedi

Snoke is very strong, showing that no one has a chance against him. This leaves you to wonder how will he be defeated, if at all? For such a large character, snoke didn’t last long. Kylo kills him after snoke humiliates him and says he’s a fake and weak. Snoke calls Kylo out saying that a girl with a light saber who had no training almost beat him. That’s what I have been saying all along. Kylo nailed him and the scene was done really well. I wish they would have said where snoke came from. Where has this guy been for so many years? I don’t understand. He just shows up one day?

I knew Rey and Kylo Ren joining forces was too good to be true, but I called that again. They used each other to escape, with Rey thinking he would turn to the light. Kylo got darker and more power-hungry now that he is the only leader left, with Snoke dead.

I loved seeing yoda in the film paying a visit to Luke.

I think my favorite scene is when Luke says to R2, there is nothing you can say to get me to stay. R2 pulls of the original video of Leia saying, help me obi wan, you’re my only hope.

I’ll let you see the rest of the film.

Although there were great effects, the storyline was strong. Story focused on all characters and their unfinished issues and how they resolved them.

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