Before cell phones there was caller id

Before cell phones there was caller id

A little something for the millennial and younger. Do you remember what it was like before cell phones? Probably not. It was 1995 and no one had cell phones unless they had money. These were called car phones, which were cell phones, and permanently mounted in the car. Then there were pagers with answering machines and caller id.

What’s caller id? Man, you are young, and you really missed out on a lot of cool things in life. For one, when bands toured, they toured the WORLD FOR MONTHS! None of this little 40 city stuff and making albums out of their home on a Macbook for submitting on iTunes. Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool and I have done it too.

I digress. Let’s get back to phones. Everyone had a house phone back then. Some people still have house phones but never use them. Not sure why you’re still spending that money on something you never use. You never knew who was calling until you got caller id. The phone company charged $1.99 a month for caller id. This little box connected between your phone line in the wall and your phone. Phone calls came in, the box registered the data, and let you know not only the number, but the name of the caller. This was high technology. This device crippled crank phone calls.

caller id
caller id to see who’s calling you in the 80s

You must know what crank phone calls are? Jerk kids would pick a number at random, or one they knew, call it, and do silly things or try to scare the person on the other end. There was no way of telling who it was. Sure, you could dial #69 to call that person back, which did no help really, since there was no way of knowing who it was or what number they called from. There was also #67, which allowed you to dial the last number you called without dialing the numbers again.

Ah, being an 80s kid. WE LOVED IT! You might be shocked to think, “how did you live without the internet or ipads or cell phones or candy crush?!” It was easy. Things were more fun and real back then. Concerts, live bands, we were in bands, we were outside playing baseball, seeing movies, the list was never-ending. Atari 2600 was huge for everyone. Ah, the better days.

I still haven’t played candy crush and never will. By the way, when I get home, my cell phone is on the counter. I’m not into social media much unless I’m publishing my photographs.

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