Where are the clowns

Where are the clowns

Being a photographer, I’m always looking for some interesting form of architecture in Chicago. I’ll take some random shot from an angle someone would not normally see things from and post to Facebook. I will now also post here on my blog, the random Chicago photo of the day or week.

Walking to work, some colors caught my eye. Hoping it would be what I thought it was, I walked faster, hoping no one would be around to ruin the shot. It was all clear, and a perfect find, for me anyway. The rider was not around, as the clown bike was securely fastened to the water-drenched post just off the street. It had just rained, which was more fitting for this shot. I’m curious to know what the rider looks like. The bike was there the next morning. I have taken this route before for years, and have never seen this. Yes it is creepy, and that’s why I like it. For someone to go through the trouble to construct this and fasten to their bike….THEIR BIKE!…they are one interesting character indeed. It is not a mask. It is a constructed face made of what looks to be ceramic and mostly paper mache of some sort.

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clown in chicago
clown in Chicago by Steve Rotter

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