solar eclipse 2017

solar eclipse 2017

2017 eclipse
I made this for the hyped eclipse event.

Well, it’s about 2 hours until the solar eclipse is at full strength here in Chicago. Although it’s kind of exciting, it’s also upsetting to me. Leave it to the news and marketing of stores to send me emails regarding the event. I have received half a dozen emails from retail chains regarding THE BIG ECLIPSE SALE! Words cannot express how lame this is to me. So tired of everyone capitalizing on stupid stuff. You know there will be THE END OF THE WORLD SHIRTS available, when someone claims to know that date. In case you didn’t know, not even the Angels in heaven will know when that date comes.

I do remember the eclipse of May 10, 1994. I was home for lunch and it got very dark for about 20 minutes. It was like something out of a movie. It was not that gradual of a darkening, as it happened within a few minutes. It went from bright and sunny to almost night time within a couple minutes. It was cool, in a freaky way.

The next eclipse is scheduled to be in 2024.

Anyway, enjoy the eclipse. Don’t look at it without proper glasses or you’ll go blind.




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